"Holy Toledo!"

April 18, 2007

Warriors come up roses in the Rose Garden

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Had you been sleeping for a very, very long time and chosen tonight to wake up while watching Fox Sports Bay Area at about 9:30 p.m. you might have thought you were still dreaming.  You would have seen Chris Mullin wearing a tie (gym rats can’t even tie one let alone wear one), and you would have heard the words, “The Golden St. Warriors are in the playoffs!”

No dream, pinch yourself, this is actually happening.

By now you realize that the Warriors beat the Trail Gangsters, the Clippers lost, and the Lakers beat the Kings.  This places the Lakers in the #7 spot and the Warriors in the #8 position.  The Kobe-Lakers will play Phoenix and the W’s will play Dallas.

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And in response to my latest comment on yesterdays post I would like to add:

Dear Mr. Zig,

Even Bill Walsh, the ultimate coach of all-time (as measured by many) made mistakes.  He once signed Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson as well as Lawrence Phillips (the girlfriend beating Cornhusker RB who did have good speed, pun intended).  The key is winning and overcoming your mistakes.  Chris Mullin has made mistakes no doubt, but had it not been for this former St. Johns star the Cohan franchise would still be wallowing in the tidal mud that surrounds the arena in which they play.

But alas, you are right, why just a brief 60 days ago many fans were ready to call out the dogs on what seemed to be an ever so typical Warrior season.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the funeral.

Way To Go Warriors!

(Only 10 days until the NFL Draft, Al is on the clock)



  1. No doubt the typical Bay Area front runners will be out in force gobbling up ticket to the latest “event”. But it will be good to see the old “Oakland Alameda Coliseum Arena” rocking once again. The true fans that have paid $150 per seat for years of losing are being rewarded. Boy, this may even take out some of the fan’s luster for the other “event” happening right now – The Sharks ride through the Stanley Cup!

    Go Warriors! Remember, no one gave Derrick Dickey, Phil Smith, George Johnson, CJ, Butch Beard, Clifford Ray, Rick Barry, Keith Wilkes, Charles Dudley and the rest of the players along with Coach Alvin Attles and assistant Joe Roberts much of a chance gainst the Bullets and look what they did. And let’s not forget long time trainer Dick D”Oliva!!

    Comment by Jeff — April 20, 2007 @ 7:16 am

  2. I remember that Warriors championship team very well. It was because of Bill King that I started listening to the games on the radio, and I was hooked very quickly.

    As I recall it was a surprise that they even beat the Bulls in the playoffs, let alone the mighty Bullets. They had a shot at repeating the following season but Rick Barry had a meltdown in the playoff series vs. Phoenix. They were never the same after that series.

    Thanks for your participation Jeff.

    Comment by billkuhn — April 21, 2007 @ 12:47 am

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