"Holy Toledo!"

April 22, 2007

Baron the Gunslinger

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Warriors 97 – Dallas 85

You know what Bill King would have said…..

“Holy Toledo!  The Golden St. Warriors, led by their gunslinger Baron Davis, come into Dallas and show these Texans a thing or two about shooting!”

I could hear him saying that.  He might have also added something like, “Avery Johnson has to be shaking his head right about now.  The former student just discovered that class is still in session and the old professor is about to hand out the final exam.”

King-ism’s aside, tonight was another example of the power of “Mo.”  The Warriors came into tonight on a roll and once the train gets going it usually takes awhile to stop.

What was impressive in this win was the way they not only took over the game in the fourth quarter, but how they handled the Mav’s inevitable push.  With just over two minutes to go the Mav’s were putting on their last stand as Devon Harris streaked towards the bucket to what looked like a lay-up that would have made it a two possession game.  From nowhere in flew Jason Richardson who absolutely stuffed Harris, the ball flying in one direction, and Harris in another.  As Harris crashed head long into the basket standard, Richardson’s momentum drove Harris even harder to his painful meeting with defeat.

Meanwhile the ball that had so abruptly been halted in it’s path to the Mavericks hoop was now bouncing toward a Warrior.  With a quick pass, then another, the ball landed in the hands of the Gunslinger, who without the slightest bit of hesitation shot the game’s final blow.  A 3 pointer, nothing but net.

Instead of it being a 6 pt. game, it was now 11.  The clock read 2:05, game over folks.

Devon Harris was still laying in a crumbled heap at the other end of the court.  As it often is in team sports one person gets the glory while the others lay the bricks.  Stephen Jackson played very well, and the big men did an excellent job defensively on Nowitzki (who was just 4 of 14 from the field).  It was Richardson’s incredibly athletic play, and the sequence that followed, that put an end to tonight’s contest.

A great win by a team that is dripping with confidence.  The Mavericks, who beat up everyone all season, owners of the NBA’s best record, has now lost 8 of 9 to the Warriors.

Avery Johnson will be second guessed after this loss.  Normally the #8 seeded team has to change it’s game plan to match up to the #1 seed.  This was not the case tonight.  Perhaps a bit of over-thinking, perhaps he was out coached, in any event he is now down one game to none.

Count on the Mav’s to put up a fight.  They have their sights set on the big prize and if they plan on winning that big prize then they had better be able to swat away these pesky Warriors.


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