"Holy Toledo!"

May 3, 2007

Busy Sports Week

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Under normal circumstances one would usually break out the bubbly, but for the new Warriors tonight was business as usual. They demolished Dallas so decisively that the team with the best record this year just might have to consider a regime change. Meanwhile the Warriors streak continues at home.

This team just might not be finished yet. The train is still rolling. They are big, quick, can score, can play “D” and they play the winner of Houston vs. Utah. They also just pulled off the biggest upset in the history of the NBA Playoffs.

– N.Y.Yankees thoughts… Pitching and defense, they have neither. It doesn’t exactly break my heart to recognize that the Yankees are slow and old. Their errors and lack of any consistent pitching should ultimately cost them, but unfortunately they have the power to change.

– NFL Draft thoughts… It was very unlike Al Davis to draft a QB at #1, but count on this, they drafted a star. JaMarcus Russell is something you would design on a video game, he breaks all molds. Despite what was printed in the local media the Raiders had a very good draft. Signs point to a new beginning in Alameda.

– The 49ers did well as well. Something odd however, their division rival Seattle traded their top WR Darrell Jackson to S.F.. Either they know something we don’t about Jackson or they made a mistake. The Niners #1 pick Inside-LB Patrick Willis is good, so is 3rd round pick WR Jason Hill.

– Is Brady Quinn the new look-a-like of Eddie Munster? Nice “‘do” Brady, no wonder you sunk in the draft. Take a look at this goof, you can’t help but wonder when Herman & Grandpa Munster are going to pop out.

– New Fantasy Sport… I may have taken this fantasy sports thing too far. As some of you know I have a new puppy and as a result I am spending some time at the dog park. The fellas & I have developed a “Fantasy Dog Humping” game that is catching on. Tuesday I drafted the 80 lb. poodle that isn’t fixed, a big score!

– At this moment Matt Cain is the best pitcher in the Bay Area.

– Weed, CA is a gateway city, so be careful.

– Could the A’s have more injuries? Should we just go ahead and start calling them the Rivercats?

– And finally… Did anyone hear Raiders Executive Amy Trask’s surprise phonecall into KNBR early Thursday morning?

She called out the show hosts on their constant comments about the so-called “tough environment” that exists at Raider games in Oakland

She challenged them to attend a Raider game to see first hand that “the perception is divorced from reality.”

As one who has attended many Raider games I couldn’t agree more. Way to go Amy!


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