"Holy Toledo!"

May 7, 2007

Offensive Glass

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Rebounds of the offensive variety, ultimately it was the difference in tonight’s game.  That and the fact that Utah’s Deron Williams outplayed Baron Davis.

The Jazz out rebounded the Warriors 54-37, a huge margin.  More importantly they had 20 offensive rebounds.  The last and most critical led to the game winning shot by Carlos Boozer with 17 seconds to play.

It was a great game to watch even for the most casual NBA fan, high scoring, back and forth, and down to the wire.  Disturbing from the Warriors perspective was that the Jazz, whom most thought to be a half court type team, beat them at their own up-tempo game.

A concern of mine going into tonight’s game was that the altitude could be a factor in the fourth quarter.  We may never know the truth, but Baron Davis missed several shots late in the game, and I thought he seemed gassed.  Meanwhile his counterpart Deron Williams was the difference.

Another concern going into the game was a big Boozer in the middle.  For the most part the W’s did a good job of defending Boozer, however they had no success boxing him off the glass.  He had 10 of the 20 offensive rebounds.

And so it is advantage Utah, with game two to follow.  One can hope that the Golden Staters can find a way to gain a split it Mormon country, and come home.  Don Nelson would love to see the Jazz continue to take the same approach because running is what the W’s love to do.  The Electric Co. was still producing high voltage tonight, and before you Warrior fans get to bummed out just remember the depth from which we crawled.  The train is still rolling.

— The A’s Outfield —  Did anyone see the A’s starting outfield in Sunday’s game vs. Tampon Bay?  LF- Jack Cust, CF- Chris Snelling, RF- Danny Putnam.  Despie the triple-A lineup the A’s still managed a 5-3 win.  A deeper concern for the A’s might be SS Bobby Crosby, who is still hitting only .222 (and his lack of hitting may be effecting his defense).  A tough decision may soon be on the A’s horizon.

– In my last article I wrote that SF’s Matt Cain was the best pitcher in the Bay Area.  I may have spoken to soon.  One might have to look at Dan Haren, he of the 1.75 ERA and sparkling #’s.

– Today’s Bet:  Who will test positive for steroids first, Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens?  My money is on the Rocket.  Everybody always talks about Bonds yet it seems so obvious to me that the Roger the Rocket is on the jiuce.  Am I the only one?

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