"Holy Toledo!"

May 14, 2007

A Tale Of Two Cities

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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

While one part of the Bay Area sports world is mourning a tough loss, another part is applauding two of it’s newcomers.

It Was The Best Of Times…

For two kids from the Bay Area who are on fire.  The A’s Jack Cust, career minor leaguer who spent time with Arizona, Colorado, Baltimore, San Diego, and now Oakland could very well be the new “Crash” Davis of major league baseball.  This 28 yr. old has 6 HR’s in just 7 games with the A’s.  A guy who was called up to be a temporary fill-in for an injured Mike Piazza, has been named co-Player Of The Week in the A.L. (the other co-P.O.T.Week was the A’s Dan Johnson who played in the minors with Cust).  Way to go “Crash” Cust! (and Dan Johnson)

On the other side of the Bay a S.F Giants rookie named Fred Lewis, 26 yrs. old from Southern University, hit for the cycle in only his 16th game in the majors.  The 1st Giants rookie to accomplish this since Dave “Kong” Kingman in ’72 (picturing Kingman hitting a triple is difficult).  Quite an achievement for this young guy and a tip of the hat is due.

It Was The Worst Of Times…

For the Golden St. Warriors.  Being disappointed in the Warriors loss is one thing, being disappointed with their poor sportsmanship is another.  Before I get to that I must jab the fans who left early Sunday night.  When you hang with a team, claim to be a fan, spend the money to attend a playoff game, YOU DON’T LEAVE EARLY!  Lack of class, fansmanship (a new word I just made up), and another black eye for the fair-weather fans in California.

What Baron Davis did to Derek Fisher was inexcusable.  In case you didn’t see it Davis was frustrated with his lack of production (and the score), so while running up the floor he elbowed Fisher in the head., a cheap shot only Jack Tatum would condone.   Fisher went down like he had been hit with an Ali right hand.

This disturbing pattern has been a habit of the W’s when they are about to lose, they get frustrated, and they display a lack of maturity.  Ironically this maturity is something they may have learned back when Derek Fisher was a member of the Golden Staters.

Regarding the game itself, one could see early in the 2nd quarter that it was only a matter of time before the Jazz big men imposed their will on the smaller & quicker Warriors.  This often happens when a team sits around and rely on the outside jumper.  Bottom line is the W’s got tired or lazy on offense.

The game was decided at about 7 min’s to go, Utah led 91-88, the W’s had several chances to catch up.  Baron Davis was on the line and for a reason one could only blame on fatigue, he missed both free throws.  The Warriors were outscored 24-13 the rest of the way.

Don Nelson shortened the bench at the start of the playoffs, relying less on their fringe player.  All those minutes finally caught up with them, and despite their amazing run the end seems to be on the horizon.

Give them a ton of credit, they accomplished far more than any so-called expert would have ever imagined, and they entertained the hell out of us.  The fat hasn’t sung, but her dress is on and she is warming up.


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