"Holy Toledo!"

June 3, 2007


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The National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) may have just sold their professional divisions to a group that (for the most part) used to own Direct TV.  As fans what do we make of this?

HOLY TOLEDO this is a major shake-up from the conservative sanctioning body we have grown up with throughout our years of NHRA fandome.

There is a lot we don’t know , but here is what we do know:
-A group called the HD Partnership Corp. has purchased the rights to own the professional divisions of the NHRA.

Eddy Hartenstein is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of HD Partners. If you are a NHRA fan you better get used to his name for he is the guy who is going to be ruling over your sport.

So what does all this news mean?
Bottom line is that our sport we have followed from it’s infancy is about to become a publicly traded corporation.  We can debate the virtues of this till the cows come home, but let’s look at the short run.

A huge influx of money will mean more advertising, infrastructure, thus more exposure.

Remember that this new group is, for the most part, the same group that owned & sold Direct TV for a big bucket of money.  This influx of cash to our sport can’t help but be a good thing in the short run.

Bureaucracy is something to worry about in the future, but at the real heart of the NHRA is it’s people.  It could never be more evident than today when Robert Hight exploded a motor at the finish line, bouncing off both walls, smoldering to a stop.

Members from many different teams joined in helping get Robert’s car to the starting line, which you would never see in most sports.  Can you imagine if Jeff Gordon crashed, would members of the D.E.I.team help him out?  If a
Yankee player needed help to the dugout would a Red Sox player assist him?
Probably not.

The NHRA isn’t perfect, but let’s face it, they have done a damn good job of taking care of our sport.  From Big Daddy to John Force, this group has done their job quite successfully.

Does this new group know anything about running the NHRA?
A doozy of a question that will only be answered over time.

The upside to this is that we, as fans, may be able to (for a price) watch the entire NHRA season live on HD Direct TV.  That’s a good thing.

If you are a real fan buy one share and be sure to vote.

Congratulations to Funny Car pilot Mike Ashley for winning his first Wally, defeating veteran Jim Head.

In Top Fuel the title went to Brandon Bernstein (& the Tim & Kim Show).

There is only one guess as to who won Pro Stock.  If it wasn’t Greg Anderson you were wrong.
Just another interesting day in the NHRA.



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