"Holy Toledo!"

June 7, 2007

Several Interesting Sports Notes:

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– No No on the No No

While losing to the Bosox wasn’t fun, seeing Curt Schilling lose his no-hitter with two outs in the 9th was almost worth it.

Kudos to Curt Schilling (even though I can’t stand the guy) for his third career one hitter. At age 40 pitching such a gem puts him in “Randy-like” territory. He would hate that reference but so be it.

– The much anticipated trade of Trent Green to the Miami Dol-fish finally occurred, good for Trent, bad for Daunte Culpepper (who will be appearing as a backup QB at a stadium near you). Where will Daunte land? Well had the Carl Peterson led KC management got off their ass and completed this obvious deal a few weeks ago things may have been much better for Daunte, but alas the Chiefs were bargaining for more than they ultimately received. As a result of this post-draft trade Daunte will be lucky to find a backup job. In other words KC’s lack of getting off the stick screwed over Daunte Culpepper.

– As much as us Yankee haters want to admit it, all they need to do is pick up one game a week and they can still win the A.L. East. Dream on Yankee fans, even the juiced up Rocket can’t help your sub-par pitching staff and your weak defense.

– (and speaking of juice…) Will Barry Bonds ever beat Aaron’s HR mark? Bonds’ bad legs, knees, and now bad shin splints might preclude the inevitable from happening. Somewhere the Babe is smiling.

– We are now just weeks away from the beginning of summer camp. Two a days are not long off and I can’t wait. The NFL is just around the corner.

– As any good A’s fan will tell you, it’s about that time of year… Chavez has started to hit with power, Kotsay is back, Piazza will be here soon. Haren is in Cy Young territory, and “Kentucky” Joe Blanton is starting to find his rhythm. Crosby is beginning to heat up, the infield is solid, And all this without the “f-r-a-g-i-l-e” Miltom Bradley.

An interesting side note: Did you happen to notice who got the save for the A’s Wednesday night?

Formerly known as Jairo Garcia, this highly regarded prospect is now known as Santiago Garcia (it’s a Visa/security/truth in advertising matter). He was tossing darts the other night and he has some very serious potential.

– NBA Finals Note: LeBron vs. a Team. Any sports fan knows how this story ends up. The team always wins. I just hope it all gets done before the new NBA season starts up again.

Just another day in this sporting life of ours…




  1. Yes, your A’s are heating up. Travis Buck is a winner and Dan Johnson a pleasant surprise… On the downside, guys like Kotsay, Chavez, Bradley, Crosby, and Ellis *will* get hurt again soon. Dat what they do.

    Comment by Ralph Zig Tyko — June 8, 2007 @ 4:45 pm

  2. – Eric Chavez
    100+ RBI in 4 of the last 6 seasons, Gold Gloves in al of them? He proved last season that he is the real deal, playing hurt when most would have packed it in. 1037 games played in the last 7 seasons, that’s about 148 per year. Oh and 57 of the 60 games so far in 2007. You can count on Eric Chavez.

    – Mark Ellis
    Since his “career ending” shoulder injury in ’04 he has come back to play in 122 & 124 games, contributing his usual very solid defense, and has hit well (.314 in ’05), and like Scutaro is clutch. His is a tough guy that want on your team.

    – Milton Bradley & Bobby Crosby
    Unless Crosby starts hitting he may be on the bench watching Scutaro play shortstop. After last year’s issue he had with the A’s medical staff it is possible that he may never play hard for this team again. Simply put, it’s time for Bobby to start hitting…

    Bradley is an enigma. He seems to always get healthy when the games get more important, or when his salary is an issue.

    If either one of these two come on strong it would be a big help to the A’s.

    – Mark Kotsay
    Mark has a bad back, it isn’t likely to get much better at his age. He is coming off major back surgery and is just getting his 11th season underway. In his prime Kotsay was a superior defensive outfielder, arguably a Gold Glove type. He still plays great “D”, and I suspect he may end up being a .275-.290 type guy who will be at the top of the lineup, walks often, scores runs, and is a team leader to the young A’s outfielders. One big concern is his declining number of games played since moving San Diego to Oakland: 148, 139, 129, & only 8 this season.

    Comment by billkuhn — June 9, 2007 @ 1:05 am

  3. You hit upon a good point. Oft times it’s the skills [or lack thereof] of the medical staffs/trainers/conditioners/ [now we include chemists] that determine how a season goes.
    Aside, Kotsay is terrific and now that he’s finally had the back surgery he may stay healthy… Bradley’s hammys will never alow him to live up to his potential. Too bad- 5 tool player that day he was healthy… Buck seems to have a series of day to day aches and pains that young players shouldn’t be experiancing. Tendons reacting to increased muscle mass brought on by gawd knows what, me guesseth… Swisher is fun to watch and root for. He’s a *great* teamate… Ellis is the best fielding 2nd baseman around… Crosby has home-run-itis, and arthritis perhaps… Chavey is an amazing fielder and someone that will never be able to put it all together. Probobly because he’s the type of guy who spends a disproportionate time thinking about how the announcers pronounce his name.

    Comment by Ralph Zig Tyko — June 9, 2007 @ 11:36 am

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