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June 24, 2007

Rod Beck Found Dead

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Sorrow can’t begin to express how I felt when I heard the news that Rod Beck had passed away.  Survived by his wife and two children, the former closer of several major league teams, most notably as a S. F.

Giants is now gone.

Reports indicate that he was found dead while alone at his Phoenix, AZ. home.  Foul play is not suspected but police are investigating the details of his death.

The Oakland Athletics drafted Rod Beck as a starting pitcher in the 13th round (327th pick) of the 1986 MLB Amateur Draft.

Rodney Roy “Rod” Beck was known for many things, an intense competitor, his flowing wild hair, his dependability as an everday closer, and his love of life.  He was a fun guy to watch, and from what I heard an even better guy to call a friend.

It seems like onl yesterday when Dusty Baker would make the call and out came Rod Beck.  The stories of his infamous trailer he lived in just outside of the ballpark while playing for the Cubs will now be told forever.

Rod Beck is gone, it’s a sad day.



  1. Sad indeed. This has been a tough few years for former Giants. Tom Haller, Chuck Hiller, Dick Dietz, Jose [Gonzalez] Uribe, Ed Bailey, and now “Shooter” Beck turns toes-up. RIP all.

    Comment by Ralph Zig Tyko — June 25, 2007 @ 11:16 am

  2. Steroids kill.

    Josh Hancock and Steve Howe were MLB pitcher too.

    Comment by Curt Schilling — June 25, 2007 @ 6:31 pm

  3. Dear Curt Schilling,
    While I respect your conservative views I disagree with them, but that is what makes America great. I’m curious as to why you would even bring up those two individuals in regards to the Rod Beck situation.

    Yes they were both major league pitchers but so were Darryl Kile, Bob Welch, & Dennis Eckersley.

    The Josh Hancock story is a sad example to everyone as to what can happen when you drink way too much then try to drive a vehicle. I understand there might be legal issues developing between the Hancock family and the bar that served him all of those drinks, as well as the St. Louis Cardinals. That’s a shame as I see it because no amount of money will bring Josh back. Might the family be better served to tell Josh’s story to kids & young adults? If money is an issue to the family then sell the story so it can be used as a lesson for everyone to learn.

    Steve Howe? He was an admitted drug user, suspended from baseball what, eleven times? At some point even you Curt Schilling (with your conservative opinions) must agree that he should have been cut loose from baseball. Why did he keep getting so many chances? Read my article about Sammy Sosa & Baseball Management for the answer.

    What happened to Rod Beck is very sad. His friends will tell you that he “fought demons.” He was in rehab in 2004, taking steps to overcome his problems. Obviously the man had his issues.

    At this terrible time his friends & family are enduring might we show some respect and look towards the positive aspects of Rod Beck’s life? He gave a lot and had much to offer.

    (Btw Curt, I received this email reply from you at 7:31 pm. PST, shouldn’t you have been in the dugout in Seattle supporting your team?)

    Thanks for our interest,

    Comment by billkuhn — June 25, 2007 @ 8:01 pm

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