"Holy Toledo!"

June 26, 2007

JaMarcus Russell

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JaMarcus Russell is a physical gift from the football gods the likes we have never seen in our lifetime. What he will do with that talent remains to be seen.

Imagine the arm of Elway, the size of Culpepper, and the mobility of , well JaMarcus Russell.

What separates him from Culpepper is his touch., what separates him from Elway is his size, what separates him from Steve Grogan is his speed.

Not to put any undo pressure on Russell, but, frankly we have never seen anything like him ever before (I might mention this a few times). If you were to create a player on Madden 2007 he would be that guy.

He will throw picks, he will make misreads, he is just a kid. His potential (that damn P word)) is astronomical. He could also never learn to read defenses, or get hurt, and never be what we expect. I would bet he will be something special as he learns the NFL game.

Just think about this, he once threw a ball (in an actual game) on one knee for 65 yards accurately.

He is 6 foot, 5 1/2 inches tall, and weighs 265-270 lbs. Mickey Marvin (my friend), who started as an offensive guard for the Raiders in 2 Super Bowl games, was that size. He was an offensive lineman!

Never before in pro football has there been a playe with this size and such dexterity.

JaMarcus played as a starter for two seasons in the best conference that college football has to offer, the SEC. He was a star in that conference. It’s this experience that should help him to be a star in the NFL. How Al Davis accepts having such a star is another story.

The great equalizer is that football is a team game, made up of a squad of 11 on offense, 11 on “D”, and 11 on special teams. The Raiders will not be expected to contend for a title this season, but they certainly will be more interesting than last year.

We will discuss their draft in an article very soon. Do you know the name Michael Bush?


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