"Holy Toledo!"

June 29, 2007

The Answer Is: Billy’s Blog

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The question is: Where can you find everything you ever wanted to know?

People often ask me why I have this “blog” and what purpose it serves. 

My answer is that I love life and writing about it.  You might notice I lean towards sports, I have followed sports for almost 40 years (God I’m getting old!), so I have some sense of the sporting world.  I also follow topics such as music, politics, movies, and I try to keep current on today’s pop culture (although some of it boggles my mind).  My blog is about all of those things, plus it’s about history too, for without it we learn nothing.

One interesting subject (according to some) is the title of my blog “Holy Toledo.”  I have actually received several “web hits” from people Googling the following phrase, “The meaning of Holy Toledo.”  Part of me laughs at this, wondering if they expect some deep inner meaning that must have some religious or political reference.  Uh No!  The answer is very simple:  My favorite announcer Bill King, who I grew up listening to while he used to work for the Raiders, Warriors, & A’s had a pet phrase.  He used it to describe only the most exciting of moments, and that phrase was “Holy Toledo!”  It is in his honor that my blog is titled.

I will discuss many things, you might find me talking about cooking, which is a hobby I have become somewhat adept.  Man is much more than a barbeque grill, for he can roast, toast, and braise.

My hope is to share my serious yet often silly views of the world while I am able.  You may disagree with my opinions, so I invite you to reply.  That’s what makes a horse race as they say.  Just so long as we enjoy the journey along the way, for that is what matters most to me.

May you enjoy reading what I write as much as I have fun pecking at this damn keyboard.

And now for one of my favorite quotes: “You should never, never doubt what no one can be sure about.”

Willie Wonka

With silly seriousness,



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