"Holy Toledo!"

July 9, 2007

Bad Vlad, Bad Owners, Bad HR Contest

Filed under: Baseball — Bill @ 9:43 pm

Tonight was the Home Run Contest, what a nice showcase for the game.  It could have been much better.  Better than the HR Contest itself was the Baseball Tonight segment which showed every major home run ever hit in baseball history.  Bobby Thompson’s “Shot Heard Round The World”, Maris’s #61, Bill Mazeroski”s HR, Aaron’s #714, Reggie’s shot off the roof of Tiger Stadium, Fisk’s 1975 game #6 HR, Aaron’s HR #755 (which I had never seen), Rick Monday, Chambliss, Dave Henderson & Dykstra in ’86, Joe Carter, Kirk Gibson, McGwire’s #62, Ripken’s All Star HR, Bonds, every home run of major importance all in a 10 minute segment.  It was pure baseball delight.  Goose bumps.

The Home Run Contest has become another of baseball management’s money machine.  Three hours of advertising bliss, where every foul ball is sponsored by someone.

We the fans want the veterans, the legends of the game in this contest.  So long as it is a 3 hour, 3 part contest the old guys will take a seat and watch.

No Big Poppy, No Griffey Jr., No Bonds.

Shorten the contest, lessen the advertising, and give us fans what we want to see: the players who we care about.

With all due respect to the Alex Rios’s of the world, we as fans would much rather see A-Rod, Ortiz, Bonds, & Griffey compete against Howard, Fielder, & the young guns than the cast we saw tonight.

Think less about profit & more about the game.

Tonight could have been baseball magic, but they missed the boat.


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