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July 14, 2007

Random Thoughts & A Good Joke

Filed under: News & Politics — Bill @ 2:52 pm

– Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), our local mass transit rail system, has a new rewards program created in an effort to increase ridership.  What I found odd is that you can redeem your “BART Points” at all Chevron gas stations.

– The city of San Francisco has a new ordinance requiring restaurants that use charbroilers or barbecues to spend big bucks to filter the smoke.  The idea is to have cleaner air.  Unfortunately many restaurants will opt for the less expensive route and go back to frying.  So now as you are having a heart attack from eating all that fried meat your last words can be, “This air sure smells cle…. uh oh.”  Thud

– How are the San Francisco Giants like a 16 year old boy on his Prom Night?  Neither can score!

– Stupid People Vol. #453: The New England Journal of Medicine had to waste an entire page informing doctors that “people should not wear their IPod while in a thunderstorm.”

Turns out a Canadian man was jogging while listening to his music on his IPod.  Unfortunately for him it was during a thunderstorm.  A lightning bolt hit a nearby tree and somehow the electricity traveled from the tree into his IPod.  It then shot up through the wires of his headphones and went directly into his brain.

Shockingly the man lived, but he has a V-shaped burn on his chest from the headphone wires.  So the next time you feel like jogging during a thunderstorm, the New England Journal of Medicine recommends that you don’t take your IPod.

Now for the good joke…

– A wealthy 77 yr. old man is at his barber shop getting his ears lowered when he starts telling the barber, “Life is great.  I married this beautiful 35 yr. old woman.  Every night when I get home from the country club she prepares me a gourmet dinner.  Then it’s off to the bedroom for a magnificent night of passion.”

After a long pause the old man starts weeping uncontrollably.  “What’s wrong?” asks the barber.  The old man answers, “I can’t remember where I live!”


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