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August 2, 2007

NHRA Official Points System

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(If you are looking for a detailed description of the official Countdown To The Championship rules see my article dated June 18, 2007 in the NHRA section of my blog)

Often I am asked how the NHRA points are awarded at each national event, so I thought I would spell it out for you in simple & easy to understand terms.

NHRA Points Awarded At Each National Event:

Winner = 100
Runner-up = 80
Third-round loser = 60
Second-round loser = 40
First-round loser = 20

* Additional points are awarded as follows:
10 points to all contestants- 1 qualifying run required.
20 points for establishing an official ET record (national records only, not track records).

Qualifying positions earn points as follows:
1st = 8
2nd = 7
3rd = 6
4th = 5
5th & 6th = 4
7th & 8th = 3
9th thru 12th = 2
13th thru 16th = 1

(I could not find anything specific in writing about the “Oil Down Rule” but as I recall the rule used to be that during the NHRA season every competitor was allowed 3 “oil down” runs. After those first 3 each additional oil down would result in a 10 point deduction (They may have since changed this rule to only include a fine with no point deduction. I will check on this and report back)

Happiness is a low E.T.



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