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August 6, 2007

Why I Hate Lawrence Welk

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Saturday night was going to be busy, I had plans to attend an old friends party plus I wanted to catch the S.F. Giants game just in case Barry made history. That morning I set up the Tivo (DVR) to record the Giants game and left feeling secure in the fact that I could watch the game when I got home (I even set it up for the Tivo to record extra long just in case the game went into extra-innings, which it did).

The BBQ was a raving success, we all had a very good time. As soon as I arrived home I turned on the computer and discovered that Barry had hit HR #755. I was excited at not only being able to watch history, but also that I could dub this game to a DVD to add to my vintage sports video collection.

I turned on the TV to discover a horrible & very disturbing thing…. my wife (sometime after I set up the Tivo) had reset the recorder to record a Lawrence Welk Special for her dad!!!!

My blood boiled as I watched in horror. Instead of permanently capturing a bit of baseball history I now had Lawrence f***ing Welk and his bubble machine. If this isn’t the best example of why every couple should own his & her Tivo’s I don’t know what is. Lawrence Welk instead of Barry’s HR #755, it still upsets me just to type this!

If anyone has Saturday night’s Giants-Padre game on tape or DVD I will gladly trade you for anything in my collection.

– Meanwhile since I am on a rant… Did you happen to catch Commissioner “Pud” Selig’s response to #755? He watched with hands in pockets as Barry rounded the bases. In the post game news conference he made reference to “innocent till proven guilty” and spoiled what should have been a historic baseball moment. I realize Pud is a Henry Aaron guy, and that many feel Bonds has tainted the record books, but let’s face facts. Steroids or not Barry is about to break the most sacred of all baseball records. I won’t argue that Barry was helped by the “clear & the cream” but I will add that neither Aaron or Ruth hit any HR’s off of a pitcher who was juiced. Those in the Ruth era were aided by the new lively baseball, those in the Aaron era were aided by greenies (uppers), and those in the Bonds era were aided by steroids. The eras are what they are, and the records are merely a result of the times these players played in.

– One a side note: Oakland A’s DH Mike Piazza has cleared waivers and is sure to be traded in the next few hours.



  1. Billy,
    Selig didn’t spoil Bonds’ record tying homer. BALCO did. Equating the effect of speed with steroids [and, the still untested for, HGH] is preposterous. Yes, it’s compelling to watch, as is any freak show. His own heroes, aside Willie [a Giant employee, who’s raised an eyebrow from time] have scorned him.
    It’s simply bogus, as was: McGuire vs. Sosa, Ali’s phantom punch, Roller Derby, NBA and NFL point-spreads, the election results in Florida, Horse Racing, David Copperfeld and Pro Wrestling.
    Doesn’t mean we’re not all watching, as we’d watch a train wreck. For all the wrong reasons.

    Comment by Ralph Zig Tyko — August 6, 2007 @ 5:45 pm

  2. This just in, I’m not the Barry Bonds fan club but I recognize the achievement. You will find no asterisk in my record book. I’m guessing that those from the pre-Ruth dead ball era said many of the same things about Ruth.

    “Pud” Selig is a fence walker who doesn’t have the balls to say he wishes he didn’t have to recognize Bonds. While I can understand his opinion, what I don’t care for is his lack of backbone. If he feels that strongly about Bonds he should have stayed home.

    And yet if I had a chance to record the game that Ruth hit HR #714 and I ended up with Lawrence Welk (who was probably alive at that time) I would still be upset!


    Comment by billkuhn — August 6, 2007 @ 8:42 pm

  3. Bud did just that tonight, Billy Boy. He was a no-show… The life ball era was a life ball for *everyone*. All I’m asking for is a level playing field… On a lighter side, I can just see Ol’ Limp Tom rocking out to Lawrence Welk, searching for his blood pleasure meds. and squeezing the first nickel he ever made. 🙂 Did he page me the other day? Say hi from me.

    Comment by Ralph Zig Tyko — August 6, 2007 @ 9:20 pm

  4. Some would argue that in a cheaters way the playing field was level for Bonds, McGwire, Sosa, A-Rod, Palmiero, Giambi, Cecil Fielder, Albert “Joey” Belle, George Bell, Luis Gonzalez, Juan Gonzalez, Mo Vaughn, Greg Vaughn, Jim Thome, Kevin Mitchell, David Ortiz, Troy Glaus, Jose Canseco, even Ozzie Canseco (who had the same steroid connection as Jose), and how many HR’s did they hit?

    They all had to face Roger Clemens who was also likely using the juice, as well as many other pitchers.

    Sure they all cheated but “Pud” Selig & the owners did nothing to stop them until Congress got involved. If they had such a high moral standard they would have stopped them long ago, but the almighty buck got in the way. You know it, I know it, we all know it.

    The difference between all of them & Barry Bonds is his ability.

    The entire 80’s to 2000 era is loaded with cheaters but since the owners did nothing about it they shouldn’t complain when the cheaters start breaking the records of their heroes.

    True baseball fans realize that hitting 70 HR’s in one season is tainted. We realize that now hitting 500 HR’s isn’t the same as when The Mick did it. I just think the owners & Pud have no right to complain unless they give back the money (which will never happen).

    As fans we have the right to object by not buying tickets or not watching the games on TV. Yet as you say, like watching a train wreck we can’t help ourselves. However we as consumers have the choice. Ultimately the kids, the real future of the game will decide. The owners who were along for the ride have no say in my opinion.

    The way I see it it’s too little too late at this point.

    Comment by billkuhn — August 7, 2007 @ 1:00 am

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