"Holy Toledo!"

September 7, 2007

Holy Toledo We Have Two Big Announcements!

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In honor of my Dad’s 70th birthday I am proud to launch a new page on the Holy Toledo blog. It represent many great moments we have shared together in our lives. While we are alike in some ways, we are much different in many others, but there is one thing that we will always share, our love of racing.

Check out our vintage racing video collection here: https://billkuhn.wordpress.com/my-vintage-racing-video-collection/

Happy Birthday DAD!



Sometime this morning the Holy Toledo blog that we have all come to know & love hit the big 5000 (as in 5000 hits from readers such as yourself).

This is no small feat considering we have no advertising per say. Word Press, the company who provides us with this space, does a nice job of making sure we are in most search engines. To them I say thank you. The biggest thank you however needs to go to you the readers. Without your interest in my silly ramblings all of this would simply be typing masturbation (or as Dr. John once said, “Giving myself a talkin’ too”).

From the humble beginnings back in April this blog has began to find it’s rhythm, lately averaging about 50+ hits a day. Not a big number by some standards, but certainly something to take notice.

So again I say to each and every one of you…


(keep the cards & letters coming)


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  1. Happy birthday, Big Bill. Many more!

    Comment by Ralph Zig Tyko — September 8, 2007 @ 11:13 pm

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