"Holy Toledo!"

October 11, 2007

House Of Thrills

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You walk into the Oakland Coliseum, the “House Of Thrills” as Bill King used to call it, and you can’t help but remember the history.  The Heidi Game, Double O, Big Ben, the Angry 11 Men, the miracle Blanda year of 1970, Marv Hubbard, the Sea of Hands, Van Eeghan, the Snake, the Ghost, the Assassin, the Stork, the Tooz, Madden, Freddie, Cliff, the first AFC Title in ’76, Plunkett, Lester, the “Return To Glory” in ’95, Napoleon, Hoss, Timmy B., the Chucky years, the return to the Super Bowl in ’02. The timeline of our life can be measured by the Oakland Raiders.  We remember where we were at all points along this historical ride.  More than just a team, for some of us it was the timeline our lives.

Today when we walk into that “House of Thrills” we not only share in the greatness that is the history of the Raiders, we create new memories for our children.  We pass along the legacy of winning, and the pride & poise that is built within the heart of every champion.

Shortly after the national anthem of every Raiders game comes one of those “Holy Toledo” moments, a tradition that is rooted deep within the heart of every Raiders fan, the player’s introductions.  It’s a moment that raises goose bumps when you hear those forever unforgettable words…

“We are the best kept secret in the universe. We are your best, last, and only line of defense. We work in secret, we exist in shadow and we dress in black.”


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  1. Sorry about your Raider loss. Jets lost as well. Not a thrill.. .What may expect from these two old AFL rivals from here on out?

    Aside, how’s the little boy doing? Please pass on my best to Lydia and those around her [including Tom and Kendra. It’s me, your Ralphers. Don’t be mad. get glad]…. Stories like this make me thank gawd I’m an atheist…

    Comment by Ralph Zig Tyko — October 17, 2007 @ 9:40 pm

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