"Holy Toledo!"

October 21, 2007

Raiders vs. Chiefs

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In regards to the stat mentioned in the last post, make that 170 in a row…

Last week vs the Chargers the Raiders had an opportunity to find out if they were good. This week vs. the Chiefs the Raiders had a chance to find out if they were bad. They are indeed BAD!

Since the Raiders have returned to Oakland in ’95 there has been one particular area that has haunted them, 3rd down & long. Today there were two consecutive 3rd downs that exemplify the Raiders to a tee.

After just scoring to take a 7-6 lead, then holding the Chiefs to a 3 & out the Raiders had a chance to bury the dagger. On 3rd down Culpepper went into the shotgun formation, only center Jeremy Newberry didn’t realize that his QB was in that formation so he hiked the ball as if Daunte were under center. The ball flopped off his ass and dribbled to the ground. Fortunately the Raiders did recover, but a HUGE opportunity was lost. The VERY NEXT 3rd down situation was KC in a 3rd & 10. The Chiefs QB narrowly escaped a sack a flung the ball deep downfield where the receiver had broken open for a 58 yard gain to the Raiders 19.

Instead of the Raiders burying the Chiefs they were, as a result of two huge mistakes on 3rd down, suddenly on the verge of losing the lead. A few plays later KC scored the game winning TD, game over.

And so it goes for the undisciplined lackluster Raiders.


Last night former Raiders QB Rich Gannon said, “When I was with the Chiefs under coach Marty (Schottenheimer) we were a disciplined group, all I had to do was study my game plan and do my job. When I came to the Raiders there was no discipline. Not only did I have to do my job but I also had to make sure the receivers were running their proper routes, and at the proper depths. Running backs didn’t know their blocking assignments. Guys were showing up late to meetings, late to practice. They had their own agenda. It not only made my job much harder, it took all the fun out of the game.”

Very telling about Al’s modern day organization.

I give Lane Kiffen a lot of credit, but I really wonder if anyone can ever change things until Al croaks.

Back to the bottom of the barrel in the AFC West yet again.

(normally now is the time you would have a moment of silence but when you’ve been dead this long maybe it’s not really necessary)


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