"Holy Toledo!"

October 28, 2007

The Raiders Lost? NO!

Filed under: NFL — Bill @ 2:35 pm

(Drag racing fans to the staging lanes please!)

No sweet sounds from the Music City for the Silver & Black today. Instead it was a case of weakness exposed. Perhaps it was the second play from scrimmage when it became clear that the Raiders offensive line was overmatched (AGAIN!).

To put in Al Dais speak, “The Titan’s defensive line dominated so decisively that two things must be said. Not only in my opinion couldn’t the Raiders run, they couldn’t pass either.”

The Raiders O-line was yet again outplayed in such a manner that it rendered their offense useless. Of the 14 penalties called against the Raiders, 9 of them were directly attributed to the O-line. When you can’t block an opposing team’s front four you end up with several holding calls, even more false starts, and one illegal grounding. Add to that 5 sacks, just as many batted down passes, a couple fumbles, and a quarterback who looked more nervous than a character played by Don Knotts.

This is becoming a pattern for the Raiders offensive line dating back to game #1. Detroit’s Shawn Rogers & Co. disrupted the Raiders offense all day. San Diego’s Jamal Williams & crew also dominated the Raiders offense. Last week it happened again when the Chiefs defensive line held down the Raiders to just 10 points. Today the Raider’s O-line made Tennessee’s front four look like the “Fearsome Foursome.” Albert Haynesworth spent more time in the Raiders backfield than did Lamont Jordan.

Another way of looking at it is to point out that the Raiders have only scored one offensive TD in the last two game, two TD’s in the last three games.

Give crdeit to the Raiders defense for making this game much closer that it ever should have been. They shut down Titan’s QB Vince Young. Also a shout out to punter Shane Lechter who blasted a 70 yarder today, and as per usual played a great game.

Funny thing is that this week I heard an uninformed radio personality calling for JaMarcus Russell. Unless JaMarcus can play offensive tackle (which he is big enough) I doubt that his presence would change a thing.

On a side note: A TV broadcaster mentioned the Raiders glaring weakness of having no speed at the wide receiver position. Yes it’s true, but they do have a guy on the bench named Johnnie Lee Higgins who could fill that bill.

Bottom line is that it was yet another Sunday with yet another Raiders loss. I’m getting much better at it. Unfortunately so is the team.


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