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November 27, 2007

Sean Taylor: Lessons Of The Game

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By now I’m sure most of you know that Sean Taylor died early this morning from wounds he suffered in a burglary attempt at his home.  This 24 year old kid was a star in the prime of his life, and because some slime-ball with a gun wanted his “stuff” Sean is now gone.  It’s tragic on many different levels.

We tune into our football games on Sunday afternoon to spend three hours away from the world of reality.  For those glorious four quarters we don’t have to think about our job, the war, politics, illness, or money.  During those three hours the game gives us all a well deserved respite.

During this weekly “time out” from the world the game plays an interesting little trick on us.  It teaches us lessons about life.  Yes, just when you thought you were free they pull you back in again.  The game has taught every sports fan such lessons as the importance of teamwork, and (given that it’s Jimmy V. week) to “never ever give up.”

Unfortunately the game has another lesson in store for all of us, and this one is a difficult lesson to learn.

This Sunday when the Buffalo Bills come to Washington to play the Redskins there will be heavy hearts.  No longer will #21 be in the starting lineup, instead they will be honoring his memory.  Just don’t ever forget that Sean Taylor was much more than a football player.  He was somebody’s son and somebody’s father.

This Sunday when fans flock to their television sets to escape the realities of the world the game will remind us of a hard lesson.  As the line between sports and reality is blurred yet again we are reminded that the game must go on.

In memory of Sean Michael Maurice Taylor

April 1, 1983 – November 27, 2007


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