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December 14, 2007

Steroids & HGH: A Different Perspective

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Not that long ago a late night radio show advertised a product as “the fountain of youth” claiming that it could “reverse the aging process.” The host of the show Art Bell admitted to using this product and boasted of it success. They were advertising human growth hormones, or as they called it on the radio back then “HGH.” I bring this up to perhaps open your mind to the possibility that all of us could have ended up on the Mitchell Report. Say you had a bad back or an aching knee. Had you believed this radio ad you would have purchased HGH.

Now let’s just suppose you were a baseball player who happened to hear this radio ad. Your knees were swollen and hurt every time you ran. You knew that many of your teammates were juiced, including the young guy who was trying to take away your job.

Given that your career, along with your monthly salary of $500,000 was on the line you might be tempted to order this product from the Art Bell radio show. Or you could simply ask the guy seated next to you in the locker room for his source.

My point is that everyone is capable of making such a decision, and to make such moral judgments on baseball players might be a bit hypocritical.

And why pick on just baseball? If properly tested we might find an even higher percentage of football players are juiced. Did the fact that Shawne Merriman tested positive for steroid bring such an outcry as that of Bonds or Canseco? Did you know that tennis legend John McEnroe admitted to taking the same thing as Jose Canseco? Are we just as concerned about the NBA or the Arena Football League? Why is baseball held to such high standards?

I agree that we need to separate those over the counter (or over the radio) type supplements from those deemed illegal. There is a difference legally. None the less both are forms of HGH or steroid products, of which many of us have likely taken once or twice.

If you have ever walked into a GNC store you are bombarded with “stronger, faster, healthier” pills & powders claiming to cure whatever ails you. Ads for weight loss meds claim you can lose weight without exercising. You can’t watch a sporting event without being told that if you really want to satisfy your woman you need the latest erection pill.

The bottom line is that the steroid issue that is so overly publicized is not a baseball problem, it is a societal problem.

With that in mind consider the story of F.P. Santangelo.

“You don’t really want to know how many guys were using,” said F.P. Santangelo. “Many more than just those players Mitchell named.”

Former major league player F.P. Santangelo admitted to taking human growth hormones twice, both times due to injuries. While with the Expos in the late 1990’s F.P. injured his leg after being hit by a pitch. While rehabbing from surgery on the injured leg he feared his once promising career was over. Knowing full well that many of his teammates were using steroids or HGH, he admits to taking several doses of HGH. “It worked very well,” he said.

A couple seasons later he severely injured his thumb while diving for a ball on the infield. Again he turned to HGH, and again, “it worked very well.”

While in the minors playing for the A’s he was approached by Adam Piatt, who asked Santangelo for his source to get either steroids or HGH. It is Santangelo’s opinion that Piatt was after the hard stuff (meaning an aggressive type of steroid).

In the recent Mitchell Report it was Piatt who spilled his story that led to several players being named (including Santangelo & Tejada). Piatt’s locker (while in the majors with Oakland) was next to Miguel Tajada’s locker. According to Piatt, “Tejada approached me about getting some (steroids or HGH).”

Now a radio host of a Sacramento morning show, F.P. Santangelo wishes to explain his involvement and his actions.

(Before all you purists who have never committed a sin get your panties in a bunch please remember that I’m not condoning the use of illegal products, nor am I apologizing for Barry Bonds. I am simply trying to make you look at this volatile issue from a different perspective.)


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  1. I feel more sorry for FP’s kids who will, for the rest of their lives, be reminded that their father is a cheater, and the player that didn’t cheat and was beaten out for a big league job by the scum bag who did, than I do for said punk FP.

    Comment by Ralph Zig Tyko — December 14, 2007 @ 10:16 pm

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