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December 14, 2007

Steroids & HGH: Yet Another Angle

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(Gary Matthews, a great baseball fan & a good friend has often responded to my articles with well written & thought provoking rebuttles, but always via email. In an effort to encourage him, and to share his ideas with all of you, I am officially starting his own category now known as “Matthews’ Memoirs.”

Today he replied to my steroid discussion with such (Raider-like) greatness that I felt obligated to share his thoughts with you. His view is one I agree with.)

Written by Gary Matthews:

Here’s my spin on the steroids/Mitchell report etc. The issue is more important in baseball, because the records mean more in this sport than any other. Does anyone really care that Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in an NBA game? Or that LT scored 31 touchdowns in a season? Or that Eric Dickerson holds the single season rushing record of 2105 yards? Not really, except for hard core fans.

Baseball is cherished by 40+ year old men, because it was the #1 sport in our youth, and it will always mean something to us. The memories of those days of watching the “Game of the Week” with Curt Gowdy and Tony Kubek make us think back to a simpler, cherished time in our lives, free of the bullshit we face as adults.

I’m trying to pass down, somewhat successfully at this point, the love of the game of baseball to my kids. So those baseball records are sentimental and monumental. Anyway you slice it, Barry Bonds broke the two most hallowed records in all of sport, the single season and career home run records. To boot, he passed the immortal icon, Babe Ruth, who is arguably the most influential figure in the history of American sport.

Regardless of whether everyone in the sport was cheating, the fact remains, conclusively, that Bonds would not have broken these records without using performance enhancers. In essence, he has completely tarnished the purity of these records.

He has damaged the sport. Why? Because his god-given talent was so remarkable, these enhancers elevated his ability to a video game level.

I’m not saying Bonds was alone. That’s not my point. He’s singled out because of the significance of the milestones he achieved, and the damage his accomplishments have meant to the game as well as the memories we have of this grand game. Like it or not, Barry has created this bed, and he will forever lie in it.

Barry is a villain, and rightfully so, but lets add Roger Clemens to the list of villains. What irks me is that these people have the audacity to challenge the findings of the Mitchell report, and discredit the people who put this together. I don’t know how good a job they did, but if you’re innocent then sue George Mitchell! Clemens won’t, because a lawsuit would uncover more dirt, and the fact remains Roger, you took Roids!

Clemens reputation is ruined, and so be it. Roger, your actions are messing with the memories of the game I knew while sitting on my grandfather’s lap listening to Vin Scully.

Everyone is to blame! Managers, GM’s, owners, the union….because they knew what was going on. Bud Selig is a joke. He turned his back on the ssue, and is now trying to portray himself as the hero riding in on a white horse, saving the game. He should tender his resignation as commissioner effective today. You knew what was going on Bud, but the revenues were getting fatter, and you said what the f**k. If Jose Canseco didn’t blow the whistle, you’d still be ignoring the issue.

What good does this Mitchell report do? Not much if definitive actions are not taken. The union needs to allow better testing and stiffer penalties. Jay Gibbons, for example, should be suspended for 1 year, not 15 games. If he has another incident, he should be banned from the game. That is the only way you’ll see the problem subside.

(**Added by Bill: Great stuff Sarge. I wouldn’t look for the most powerful sports union ever to be giving an inch. Even if “Pud” Selig grew two extra balls he still wouldn’t have as much say in the matter as union president Donald Fehr. The only way things will change is as if Congress gets involved, because they hold the anti-trust key. Please write to us more often.)


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  1. Let’s hope Congress forces “Olympic type” blood teststo detect for HGH.

    Comment by Ralph Zig Tyko — December 14, 2007 @ 10:06 pm

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