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December 30, 2007

Martz To Leave Lions For 49ers?

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Rumors are swirling like the Candlestick Park winds that Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Mike Martz may be headed west to the San Francisco 49ers next season. Reports out of Detroit have Martz being fired as quickly as five minutes after the Lions game ends.

Martz move to S.F. should be a welcome sight for much maligned QB Alex Smith, who some are beginning to think could be a bust. What those in S.F. don’t realize is that their blame for the team’s woeful offense this year should be placed on the previous offensive coordinator Norv Turner. Because Norvell left to take the San Diego job so late in the off-season it left the 49ers with few options. Most of the highly regarded coaches already had jobs, which only left S.F. with one option, to hire from within their organization.

The man they hired may just have well been Mr. Magoo based on the team’s terrible offensive production this year. In fairness to Jim Hostler (Mr. Magoo), he was clearly not qualified for the job.

Compounding the issue was a serious shoulder injury to Alex Smith, which later led to a public squabble between the QB and his head coach Mike Nolan (It is my opinion that Nolan didn’t handle the situation very well).

No matter what side you are on in the Smith vs. Nolan debate there is one fact that cannot be ignored, next season will be the fourth offensive coordinator young QB Alex Smith has had in his four years at San Francisco. That is a difficult situation for even the best of QB’s.


I think the whole Lions mess can be summed up in one letter, the letter “M”

Matt Millen’s Mess…
1. Mornhinweg
2. Mariucci
3. Marinelli
4. Martz

Might Millen Move?

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