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January 8, 2008

Roger Clemens, The Goose, & The NFL

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Every word that comes from Roger’s mouth is like one more shovel full of dirt on his proverbial grave. Doing his best to join Barry Bonds in the “School of Steroid Denial” Clemens reached an all new low yesterday by offering to the press a secretly recorded 17 minute tape of a telephone conversation with his former “buddy” Brian McNamee (Brian McNamee is one of two key witnesses used in the Mitchell report, & McNamee is the guy who “outed” Clemens as a steroid user).

What makes Clemens’ actions so reprehensible is that he claimed to be calling McNamee offering his condolences upon learning that McNamee’s 10 year old son had been diagnosed with a potentially fatal blood disorder. In listening to the conversation it was as if Clemens said, “Yeah sorry about your kid but let’s talk about me.”

The taped phone call did little to reveal whether Clemens is innocent or guilty of using steroids, and McNamee never admitted that he lied. What the tape did reveal is that Clemens will stop at nothing to protect his rapidly crumbling public image, no matter how disgusting he reveals himself to be as a human being.

Countless times during the conversation McNamee said, “What do you want me to do?” Not once did Clemens ever ask him to tell people that he never did steroids.

Move over Barry, Roger wants to sit next to you.


– Congratulations to “The Goose” – the toughest reliever I ever saw.
Rich Gossage is in & Mark McGwire is still not talking about the past!


– When it comes to playoff football one thing used to be a given, a good running game & a solid defense will usually bring victory. At least for this Wild Card Weekend the old adage appears to no longer be true. Take a look at the leading rushers for this weekend.

1. L. White, TEN, 69
2. A. Bradshaw, NYG, 66
3. E. Graham, TB, 63
4. D. Garrard, JAC, 58

Nobody rushed for more than 70 yards, and 2 of the top 3 runners lost. Has the passing game surpassed the running game in being a key to victory? Perhaps.

– Of the last 8 teams remaining in the NFL Playoffs the lowest seeded teams left are Jacksonville & the NY Giants (both #5 seeds). Both #4 seeds lost (Tampa Bay & Pittsburgh)

– Could the Tampa Bay loss cost Jon Gruden his job? Perhaps.

– The last two Super Bowl champions played on Wild Card Weekend (Pittsburgh & Indianapolis). Could the unlikely occur again? Probably not.

– The Raiders announced they have worked out whatever problems existed between defensive coordinator Rob Ryan & head coach Lane Kiffen, so Ryan will remain with the Raiders next season. It had been reported that Ryan & Kiffen were not getting along, and that Ryan was rumored to be heading to the NY Jets. Did Big Al step in or did Kiffen relent? If you follow the money it is most likely that Al Davis was the key.

– The SF 49ers list of potential new offensive coordinators is headed by Brian Billick (along with former Dolphins head coach Cam Cameron & ex-Lions offensive coordinator Mike Martz). It would be ironic if the Niners hired Billick in that Mike Nolan used to be an assistant under Billick in Baltimore. Could the two men work well together with the power roles reversed? Not likely.

Cameron would be the best fit for the 49ers, but there are reports that he may be talking to the St. Louis Rams.

– Speaking of the Raiders & 49ers coaching staffs, it was revealed that both will run the squads for the upcoming Senior Bowl. Nolan & the 49ers staff coached there last year, and the Raiders staff hasn’t had this role since back in the Gruden era. It provides both staffs with a great opportunity to scout the senior classmen for the upcoming ’08 Draft.

– Speaking of the Ravens, it is rumored that owner Steve Bisciotti wants to hire “the newest young genius of the NFL.” OK Steve, granted this is your first time hiring a head coach but it’s much harder to do than to say. The 29 teams that have all hired head coaches since Billick came to Baltimore hoped to do the same thing.

What Bisciotti did reveal is that it is likely the Ravens will not be hiring an old retread coach, so it is safe to cross Nick Saban’s name off the’ list. More than likely the Ravens will either hire from the college ranks or a young assistant from one of the remaining playoff teams. Nothing is bound to happen quickly in Baltimore.

– Once the Dallas Cowboys season has ended look for their former head man Bill Parcells (now president of the Dolphins) to start picking off several of the Cowboys’ assistants as well as front office personnel. Jerry won’t be thrilled.

(Note from Bill: Having been more sick than I ever recall being these last two weeks I can’t tell you how nice it is to breath freely through my nose & to not be coughing so hard it gives you a headache! Aah the simple things in life are so sweet.)



  1. I listened, long and close, waiting for something to materialize from Clemen’s conversation with “Mac” which would make me believe Clemens might be innocent. I wanted to believe he was innocent. That tape did nothing to help Clemens, IMO.

    Comment by Cindi — January 8, 2008 @ 5:48 pm

  2. Hi Cindi,
    Is this where the SFF folk are hangin’ these days? I hope all is well.


    Comment by Ralph Zig Tyko — January 9, 2008 @ 11:35 pm

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