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February 13, 2008

Clemens Vs. McNamee: The Last Article On Steroids

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Did you get to see the Circus today at the Senate? There were clowns, elephants, donkeys, & a high wire act.

The ultimate question of the day was “Did Roger take steroids or HGH?”

Roger Clemens says Brian McNamee is a liar. Brian McNamee says Roger Clemens is a liar. After today’s Senate hearing we now know that Roger Clemens IS a liar and Brian McNamee was a liar. Birds of a feather…

It’s safe to say we are growing weary of this steroid subject. The widespread use of steroids & HGH among professional athletes is undeniable. The real question at this point should be “What are these processional sports going to do about it?” I promise you this: This will be my last article on this subject.

Today Roger Clemens stood on his soapbox and proclaimed his innocence, even throwing in a “USA” reference for affect, despite the fact that his story is full of holes.

– Brian McNamee has stated that he injected three players with steroids (Clemens, Andy Pettite, & Chuck Knoblauch). Pettite & Knoblauch both testified in depositions that McNamee’s story is the truth.

– Andy Pettite (Roger’s former “best friend” & a guy known for his honesty) testified that Clemens admitted to him that he had taken HGH.

– When asked why his “best friend” would make such a damning statement Clemens said that Pettite must have “mis-remembered” a conversation where he talked about his wife being the one who took HGH.

– Clemens’ original claim of Pettite’s “mis-remembering” was from a conversation that took place back in 1999 or 2000. Later Clemens told investigators that his wife didn’t do HGH until 2003. Perhaps Roger “mis-remembered” which lie he told to whom.

Without getting into the other holes in Clemen’s story, such as:

– The mysterious butt abscess and much debated MRI results which seems to indicate it occurred as a result of a botched steroid injection

Then there are the other Clemens lies that don’t necessarily point to him taking steroids, but does indicate that he’s not the type to let the truth get in the way of his image:

– It is a proven fact that Clemen’s lied about the date of when he learned that his name was linked to the Mitchell Report

– Clemen’s nanny says they were at Canseco’s barbecue, despite that Clemens says he wasn’t there

– The recent inappropriate secret meeting with Clemens & his nanny, which reeks of impropriety

Then there is the smoking gun:

– There is possible DNA evidence from the needles & syringes saved by McNamee, which he claims to have used to inject Clemens with steroids

The one problem with this key evidence is the “chain of custody,” or how this evidence was handled, which as a result may not be admissible in court.

So what did we learn from the Clemens Circus at the Senate? Not much really, except that Roger is not a good liar (and not too smart either). We also learned that he’s willing to throw his wife under the bus to save his own skin, & she is willing to go along with it.

Nobody seemed to recognize the fact that Brian McNamee’s lies early on in the investigation might not only have been to protect his clients, but also to protect his livelihood. Big money sometimes has that effect on people. He seemed much more believable today than Clemens.

Like Barry Bonds, Clemens may ride the train of denial all the way to Attica.

And with all that said you can be assured that this subject (except for the possible matter of the Bonds or Clemens sentencing) will no longer be discussed on this blog!

In real baseball news: Pitcher & catchers reported today!


  1. You pretty much nailed it Bill. To boil it down simply, McNamee has no reason to lie about this. He may not be the most credible witness, but it doesn’t make sense that he would lie about Clemens.

    And who do these congressmen think they are anyway, especially the representative from Indiana who was going on in a moral rant to McNamee? Keep in mind that this married representative recently fathered a child with a woman he had an affair with. The congressman has little ground to discuss ethics.

    Clemans’ story, the flying in of the nanny for a meeting prior to turning her over to the investigators, the taped phone call between he and McNamee a month ago, and contention that he was shot in the butt with the same drug most of get when we get a tooth filled at the dentist, and his changing story on the conversation he had with Pettitte simply don’t add up. He’s lying. And his legacy is down the tubes, right there with Pete Rose and Barry Bonds.

    Comment by Gary Matthews — February 13, 2008 @ 6:57 pm

  2. As usual “The Sarge” has something important to say, and he does it with style. For the record we often disagree, but I admire his style.

    By design I stayed out of the political aspects of this story. but since Gary brought up Senator Gary Burton (R) of Indiana….

    This is a man who has no right to throw stones because the only window in his glass house that isn’t broken is the attic, and that’s because he has a weak arm.

    One could argue that Congress should be busy doing other things, however the last time they convened in ’05 it did finally got MLB off their ass to take the steps necessary to resolve a portion of the steroid issue. All we can hope is that this session is as effective.

    Meanwhile… how can Roger sleep at night?

    Comment by Bill — February 13, 2008 @ 7:50 pm

  3. That the hearing went “along party lines,” says it all.
    Clemens takes over as the “[Not] Poor White Trash Poster Boy.”
    At least we got to see a midget [Waxman]today. Check out my post on this endangered species.

    Comment by Ralph Zig Tyko — February 13, 2008 @ 9:39 pm

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