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March 9, 2008

How Good Was Brett Favre?

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Brett Favre retired. Too often there are over-used words to describe today’s athletes, words like great, superstar, and Hall of Famer. All three of those descriptions belong in the same sentence with Brett Favre’s name.

How great was he?
When the luxury of time allows us to look at his accomplishments with proper perspective we will realize that we witnessed not just one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time, but arguably one of the gutsiest players to ever play professional sports.

Joe Montana won more Super Bowls, Tom Brady threw more TD passes in a season, Dan Marino passed for more yards in one season, but none of them performed at his level of excellence over a career.

His record of consecutive starts at QB (253 over 17 years) is a record that is in many ways more impressive than those similar records set by Lou Gehrig & later Cal Ripken. Of the many records Brett Favre has set, this one could very well be the least likely to ever be broken.

On a typical Monday when you look at a football boxscore there are 6 basic statistics you look at when measuring how well a QB played.

Passing Attempts
Passing Yards
TD Passes
Did the QB’s team win the game

Brett Favre finished #1 in EVERY SINGLE CATEGORY in the all-time history of the NFL

Brett Favre is:
#1 All-time in pass attempts.
#1 All-time in pass completions.
#1 All-time in passing yards.
#1 All-time in passing TD’s.
#1 all-time in interceptions (yes with most attempts often comes most Int’s)
and perhaps the most important stat of al…
#1 All-time in wins as a starting QB
More than Elway, Bradshaw, Staubach, Takenton, Unitas, more than every QB who has ever played the game.

There are a few others stats to consider:
What QB passed for more than 300 yards in a game the most often?
What QB passed for more than 3000 yards in a season the most often?
What QB has the longest pass in NFL history?
What QB led the league in seasons leading the league in TD passes?

Favre was a:
9 x’s Pro Bowl Selection
7x’s All-Pro selection
Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year (2007)

Rarely is it ever mentioned that Favre was so very close to becoming a NY Jet. Yes, at the time of the ’91 draft the Jets executive named Ron Wolf was very high on the QB from So. Miss. Unfortunately for the jets they had no 1st round picks in ’91, all they had was pick #34 in the 2nd round. Atlanta snagged Favre just one pick before Wolf, who swears he would have taken Favre at #34 for the Jets. The Jets, who needed a QB, then took Browning Nagle.

A year later the Falcons were growing concerned with Favre’s off-field activities. Since they already had a Pro Bowl QB in Chris Miller, the Falcons were thrilled to get an offer of a 1st round pick in exchange for their party boy Brett Favre. Green Bay’s GM Ron Wolf (yes the very same Ron Wolf who worked for the Jets in ’91) was once again the man who put his money where his mouth was when it came to Brett Favre.

Just a few short games later Favre was in the starting line-up, and 17 years later he retired as one of the toughest QB’s ever to play the game.

Here is the list of the 32 players drafted before Brett Favre in the 1991 NFL Draft:

Russell Maryland DT
Eric Turner DB
Bruce Pickens DB
Mike Croel LB
Todd Lyght DB
Eric Swann DT
Charles McRae T
Antone Davis T
Stanley Richard DB
Herman Moore WR
Pat Harlow T
Alvin Harper WR
Mike Pritchard WR
Leonard Russell RB
Huey Richardson DE
Dan McGwire QB
Bobby Wilson DT
Alfred Williams LB
Vinnie Clark DB
Kelvin Pritchett DT
Harvey Williams RB
Stan Thomas T
Randal Hill WR
Todd Marinovich QB
Ted Washington DT
Henry Jones DB
Jarrod Bunch RB
Mike Dumas DB
Ed King G
Reggie Johnson TE
Roman Phifer LB
Mike Jones DE

2nd Round
Pick #6 (#33 overall)
Atlanta Falcons pick Brett Favre
Quarterback Southern Miss

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  1. Great aricle Billy.
    In addition, Farve is far and away the most beloved hometown player in the history of sports. Green Bay is in mourning… as is John Madden.

    Comment by Ralph Zig Tyko — March 11, 2008 @ 3:48 pm

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