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March 28, 2008

NBA Admits Bad Call

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Update on the Warriors-Lakers:
Today the NBA announced that referee Bob Delaney made a bad call last Monday night which may have, or certainly did decide the final outcome of the Lakers-Warriors game. Stu Jackson, executive vice president of basketball operations, has reviewed the play and has stated that “After looking at the play, the foul was on Fisher and not Ellis. It appeared that Fisher pulled Ellis down.”

I have two reactions to this admission:
– No sh**! I’m legally blind and I could see that it was a bad call. Stevie Wonder could have seen that it was a bad call.

– Why do they bother admitting it was a bad call? They aren’t going to give the Warriors a “do over” or change the outcome of the game. All it does it make the W’s feel even worse and make Derek Fisher laugh.

There is no guarantee that the W’s would have won the game, but now there will always be doubt. What if that call costs the Warriors a spot in the playoffs?

There is precedent for such an event, albeit in the NFL. A few seasons ago the NY Jets lost the last game of the year on an admitted incorrect call and as a result they missed the playoffs. What they received from the league was a letter of apology. That’s it.

So to the refs I say thanks, but next time you are at a game and somebody screams that you suck, remember this.

(FYI: Vegas will not be refunding any $$ based on this bad call, which did, coincidentally, alter the final outcome of the spread winner)

A professional will not dwell on this and move on, and so we will.

At this moment one game separates #7 thru #9 in the Western Conference. The Dallas Mavericks are a half game ahead of Golden St., who is a half game ahead of the Denver Nuggets. These teams play each other several times in the next week. One of these teams will not make the playoffs.

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