"Holy Toledo!"

April 18, 2008

Holy Toledo! Finally An Update

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Forgive me Father for I have sinned, I have not blogged in over three weeks…

During that time the Golden St. Warriors were eliminated from the NBA Playoffs, for about 24 hours the Oakland A’s had the best record in the American League, and Britney Spears was actually wearing panties. Two out
three were shocking!

– Don Nelson Giveth, Don Nelson Taketh
Is it possible that the very man who resurrected an NBA franchise from cadaver status to contender is the very reason they didn’t make the playoffs in ’08?

Last year “The Don” had the luxury of injuries to 2 of his top 3 stars (Baron Davis & Jason Richardson). Why a luxury you ask? Nellie didn’t have the opportunity to over-use them and wear them out.

Don Nelson is known for his lack of tolerance for rookies, evident in the miniscule minutes played by #1 draft pick Brandon Wright. Instead he plays his “big 3” for almost 46+ minutes a game, and over the course of a full season they wore out.

When they played Denver in game #77, a crucial game for both teams, the Nuggets bench outscored the W’s 31-3 until very late in that game. “The Don” rode his horses right into the ground. They had no legs left.

– The Young Swingin’ A’s had a great road trip going 6-2 vs. Cleveland, Toronto, & Chicago. All quality teams in the AL that are expected to contend. Surprising to say the least. When they returned from the road trip they led the AL in victories, had the second best ERA in the league, and were stinging the ball. But young teams are streaky, and since then it hasn’t been good. Their true test will be determined in May.

– The Oakland Raiders are sitting pretty in the NFL Draft, just 8 days away. I know they need lineman on both sides of the ball, but they also need offensive playmakers. Other than JaMarcus they have nobody on offense.

Sitting there waiting to be plucked is a guy I love named Darren McFadden, a RB from Arkansas.

This guy is a bigger, faster Marcus Allen. He has speed galore, moves like you wouldn’t believe, and he even plays QB. Darren comes up huge in big games, he played in the SEC against top flight competition, plus he has that special something only the great ones have. His downside is that they say he doesn’t break tackles. In my opinion he is headed for greatness.

Unfortunately the “Al Factor” could rear it’s ugly head. He never wanted to draft Marcus Allen, that was Ron Wolf & Tom Flores’s pick. Howie Long’s kid Jake, a very highly rated defensive lineman, is also a possible pick. I would love to see Chris Long wearing #75 in a Raiders uniform, but not if it costs us Darren McFadden.

– Ashley Force could have been the first woman to ever win a Funny Car NHRA nationa event title, but unfortunately she came up short twice, to two great racers in Del Worsham & Tim Wilkerson. Let’s hope she wins one soon. Is the rumor true that there is a nitro shotage?

– Line Of The Day: I heard a woman say, “I would love him even if he were only a millionaire.”


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