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April 21, 2008

The TV Game Show That Is The 2008 NFL Draft

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NFL Draft Week has finally arrived marking the semi-official halfway point in the long & dreadful NFL offseason. The first half is interesting, filled with free agent signings, the scouting combine, and the Draft. The second half is the dog days of the offseason, providing us with post draft analysis and a minicamp. For the hard core football fan the months on May, June, & early July are a void to be filled with such trivial matters as the NBA Playoffs and some big cup named after Lord Stanley.

The next seven days however is like Christmas. Under your team’s tree you will find a host of presents brought by Old St. Nick riding in a sleigh led by reindeer from far across the collegiate landscape. Dancer (from the Big 10), Prancer (from the Big East), Donner (from the Pac 10), & Blitzen (from the Big 12). There are others (from the W.A.C., M.A..C., & the A.C.C. to name a few), but Rudolph (who is from Notre Dame) leads the way.

The Draft may have many presents but not all are what they seem. Just like the old TV game show “Let’s Make A Deal,” Monte Hall will offer your team what’s behind door #3 but the lovely Carol Merrill might just reveal a donkey named Todd Marinovich or a grand prize like Dan Marino. The key is knowing which door to pick.

The Price Isn’t Always Right.
Bob Barker, & Eddie DeBartolo, were used to dealing out huge prizes, but they never had to function in the salary cap era.

In the past most teams found it easy to trade a top draft pick for several lower picks (Jimmy Johnson made a career of this). The Bob Barker days are gone however, now GM’s have come to realize that the risk vs. reward of paying the high price to an unproven rookie just doesn’t add up. The times they are a changin’ in the salary cap world.

Where does that leave us?
In Jeopardy.

As Alex Trebek would answer, “The player worthy of a huge chunk of your team’s guaranteed salary cap.”

The question is… “Who is….”
(Fill in the blank with your choice of OT Jake Long, DE Chris Long, RB Darren McFadden, QB Matt Ryan, DT Glenn Dorsey, DE Vernon Gholston, DT Sedrick Ellis, or host of others)

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