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April 26, 2008

2008 NFL Draft Day Notes (as it happens)

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Jake Long OT Michigan #1, no surprise he was signed Tuesday by Miami.

#2 is St. Louis; My prediction is Chris Long DE Virginia

#3 is Atlanta. They hold the cards here, and their pick will alter the draft. If they take Matt Ryan they ruin the Raiders leverage to trade pick #4 to the NY Jets or Baltimore.

(At #2 St.Louis takes Chris Long – No surprise here)
(At #3 Atlanta picks QB Matt Ryan. All the talk all week was that they loved Glenn Dorsey)

Now it’s the Raiders turn at #4. They can pick a huge man, plus fill a need with Dorsey, or take a huge playmaking RB in McFadden, either would make me happy. A trade at this point seems unlikely.

Bigger than Marcus Allen, faster than Cliff Brach. In his last two games vs. rival LSU Darren had 381 yds. rushing. He is a game breaker, can catch, can throw, and plays well in big games. A HUGE acquisition for the Raiders young QB JaMarcus Russell. Now they are building the nucleolus of a great offensive team (much to go but a big step in the right direction).

Regrets not taking Dorsey could be an issue with KC picking next. However the Raiders just got a major league offensive weapon they haven’t had since Bo Jackson.

Next up KC: I would be shocked if they don’t take Glenn Dorsey.

(Pick #5 is LSU DT Glenn Dorsey. He is Pro Bowl/Hall of Fame potential with leadership qualities. The Chiefs must be thrilled to have him fall into their lap).
Next up is the NY Jets who must be disappointed to not see M.Ryan or McFadden in this spot. Likely picks are Vernon Gholston or Sedrick Ellis.
(The pick is in, NY selects pass rushing specialist Vernon Gholston from Ohio St.)

New England is up next, they could use, but don’t need Ellis. Perhaps a trade?

(Trade they do, and get a great deal from New Orleans. By simply moving down two spots from #8 to #10 they pick up an additional 3rd round pick. Perhaps NE wants a LB or CB, but risky given that either could go in the next few picks)

New Orleans picks at DT Sedrick Ellis from USC. This guy dominated the Senior Bowl, was unblockable. A great pick for NO.
Baltimore is on the clock.

Another trade, this one is huge. Jacksonville moves way up to #8, details of the trade have yet to be announced, it will cost them.

(Jacksonville selects DE Derrick Harvey)
One can only wonder what Baltimore would have done had Atlanta not selected Matt Ryan. Now the next QB on the list is probably Joe Flacco of Delaware. He will be picked later in the 1st round.

The Bengals are on the clock, they need defense.

(Bengals select at #9 OLB Keith Rivers, an outstanding player. This may have been the guy NE wanted, but OLB Jerod Mayo is still available)).

The 18-1 Patriots are on the clock.

Selection is in, will it be a cornerback or Mayo?
Jerod Mayo LB who can play both outside & inside.

And so ends the Top 10 selections of the 2008 NFL Draft.
The KC Chiefs have to be the early favorite as “best draft” when Mel Kiper’s #1 guy DT Glenn Dorsey fell into the sightlines. The Ravens did well to trade out of #8, they may still get there QB (Flacco). NE did good to pick p a 3rd and they will never tell us whether they did or didn’t get their #1 linebacker. Dallas & KC still have two #1 picks so they could move up, Dallas could still pick sppedy Arkansas RB Felix Jones & we know KB likes OG Branden Albert..

Much more to follow…………

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