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April 30, 2008

Looking For Vintage Drag Boat Photos?

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Drag Boat Fans Take Note!
If you have been looking for great photos of the vintage drag boats of the old days have I got good news for you.

Do you remember when a capsule was just for NASA guys like Neil Armstrong?

Were your earliest boat drag racing memories formed in places like Oakland Marine Stadium, Bakersfield, Turlock, Modesto, or the man-made lake in Perris, California?

If you attended any of those NDBA sponsored races back in the late 1960’s & early 1970’s then you know the name Bale. Dwight Bale was not just my first racing hero, but also the hero of many thousands of others growing up in California at that time. In the early 1970’s Dwight’s brother Mac entered the scene and he promptly set the boat drag racing community on it’s ear.

Boats with names as colorful as their paint schemes such as Conquest, Down ‘N Out, Likety-Split, Climax, Crisis, Mr. Ed, Hofatrted, Panic Mouse, & The Executioner ruled the liquid quarter mile.

Recently I was in search of some great pictures of my heroes Dwight & Mac Bale to put up in my office. The hard part was trying to find high quality pictures that still look good after blowing them up to large prints. Fortunately I found them.

Through Dwight & Mac’s brother Lawren I was able to get some of those classic shots of those vintage drag boats I remember so fondly. Now you can too!

Simply go to Lawren’s very cool website titled “Dwight & Mac Bale Memorial Pages” at:

Or email him at:
For a very reasonable fee he will send you any picture you
would like from his website. I ordered several 11″ x 14″ sized photos and I will attest that the quality was excellent. You can also get them in 8″ x 10″ as well.

Anyone who grew up on the shores of the boat drags will love the great photos, they also make wonderful gifts (just ask my Dad).

It’s not often I use this blog to promote a product, but when something comes along so rare & so fantastic as this, well I simply had to write about it.


PS- Even if you don’t want to purchase a photo be sure to check out his website.



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  1. Hi all Rob Miller here My dad had So Long back in that time. Mac drove for dad for a while before he when to Climax. Then we cant forget Tommy Fults either. Dwight Mac and Tommy were all good friends. But that was in a era when you didn’t need deep pockets to race and have fun. Ps I have some pictures too.

    Comment by Robert Miller — December 18, 2013 @ 8:44 am

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