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May 31, 2008

Baseball Notes: NY Mets, Dusty Baker, & Eric Chavez

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At what point do the Metropolitans of Nueva Yorke pull the plug on Willie’s Randolph?

Last week he met with Mets management, likely his “two minute warning” so to speak.  Not much has changed, his big budget team continues to small on results.

One game below .500 , 4.5 games out, underachieving since the great fall of ’07.

As the famed philosopher R.E. Boy once stated, “They can’t fire the whole team.”

Show me the motivation Willie M.

– On a side note: This week I was reminded of yet another Dusty Baker pitching casualty.  Mark Prior, remember him?  He of phenom stratosphere, then superstar heights, only to be the latest class valedictorian of the Baker School Of Arm Blowout & Over-usage.  Unfortunately, but consistently (as long as Baker is a manager) his school will continue to have a graduating class.  Just ask Rod Beck (if you could), Mike Jackson, Bill Swift, Trevor Wilson, Shawn Estes, & William Van Landingham just to name a few.

– Is there pressure on Eric Chavez to perform?  YES with capital letters.  Jack Hannahan has been doing a fine job at third base, nothing spectacular, but doing things a team needs that don’t often show up in the boxscore.  Just as Frank Thomas was heating up he injured himself, as Chavez was about to be reactivated.

“Chavie” hasn’t performed well since the fall of ’06, while collecting is huge salary (by A’s standards).  Before his injury streak he was one of the team leaders in stats & leadership.  Unfortunately the small budgeted A’s don’t have the luxury to wait for Eric to come around.  Based up Billy Beane’s history one wonders if Chavez, provided his power stroke returns, could end up being a trade deadline casualty.


71 Day Till NFL Preseason!


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  1. The way the A’s are going, they’ll likely to be looking to tack on, rather than unload. Beane continues to do miracles… You’re correct, as I wrote a few weeks ago, Wllie Randolph must go!! No fire, little desire is the reason my boys are in a mire. 🙂

    Comment by Ralph Zig Tyko — May 31, 2008 @ 3:53 pm

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