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June 5, 2008

Baseball History On The 1’s

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Have you ever considered the history of baseball based upon the theory of 1’s?

What is the theory of 1’s? Just look at every year that ends in a 1 over the last 98 years and you will find that every season is marked by achievements far above average, reaching the point of spectacular. One could argue that most of baseball’s best seasons end in a 1.

1911: Ty Cobb hits an amazing .420. In the World Series the Philadelphia A’s beat the NY Giants as Chief Bender & Eddie Plank outduel Christy Mathewson in 6 games loaded with Hall of Fame players.

1921: Babe Ruth hits 59 HR’s and 171 RBI, but his Yankees lose to the NY Giants 5 games to 3 in the World Series (no typo, they played 8 games back then). The Babe single-handedly creates a pastime for America.

1931: The Babe & Lou Gehrig combine for 92 HR’s. The World Series goes to 7 games, the St. Louis Cardinals beating the Philadelphia Athletics.

1941: Ted Williams hits .401, & “Joltin” Joe DiMaggio hits in 56 games straight in perhaps baseball’s most historic season. Two records that have yet to be approached in 67 years.

1951: “The Shot Heard Round The World” Bobby Thompson beats the Brooklyn Bums. Forgotten in all the excitement is the fact that the NY Giants overcame a huge late season lead otherwise Thompson’s HR may not have even mattered.

1961: Another historic baseball season, Mantle & Maris duel all summer, Maris ends up hitting 61 HR’s breaking Babe Ruth’s all-time HR record.

1971: Roberto Clemente gets hit #3000 on the final day of the regular season then dies in a plane crash in the offseason. Months before his death he wins the Series MVP as the Pirates beat the pitching rich Orioles in a dramatic game #7.

1981: A baseball strike ruins the streak and baseball would never quite be the same. Cal Ripken starts a new streak of his own.

1991: In Game #7 of the World Series Jack Morris throws 10 innings of shut-out ball, and Kirby Puckett & the Twins beat the Braves 1-0 in one of the greatest game 7’s ever.

2001: Barry Bonds hits 73 HR’s and walks 177 times. Another 7 game World Series, Yankees vs. Diamondbacks, Clemens vs. Schilling. The D’backs score 2 in the bottom of the 9th off Mariano Rivera on a hit by Luis Gonzalez and win it 3-2.

If you love baseball mark your calender for April 2011, because if history is any indicator it should be a fun year.

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