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June 14, 2008

The $40,000,000 Peggy Sue Cruisin’ Car Show!

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Peggy Sue’s All American Cruise
American Graffiti never had it so good.

The Hot Rods invaded the Northern California scene once again for it’s annual pilgrimage to the Peggy Sue’s All American Cruise. Fourth Street in downtown Santa Rosa, CA was lit up with bright chrome, custom paint, & plenty of horsepower Saturday night as they paraded down both lanes to the delight of the thousands looking on. Local business was the benefactor as such dignitaries as Kenny “The Snake” Stabler joined in a long parade of the finest hot rods known to mankind.

There were Camaros of every kind, Mustangs, Road Runners, cool Pick Ups, Model T Roadsters, Blown Chevy’s, Plymouths, Barracudas, Lincolns, Vettes, Chevelles, Malibus, T-Birds, Cobras, hell there was even a classic 50’s Limo.

Do the math, 800 cars at a minimum of $50k a piece, there were some worth 5 times that, it adds up to over $40,000,000 cruisin’ 4th St. just like we used to do as kids (only different).

Tomorrow the show resumes as judging begins to determine who is the best of tthe best.

(Be sure to find your finest freshest local seafood at Alcatraz Seafood, http://www.alcatrazseafoods.com/)

If you are interested in pics tune in soon to the Peggy Sue website: .http://www.peggysuescruise.com/
Northern California’s best rolling car show.

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