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July 23, 2008

A-Rod, Jeter, Golden St. Warriors, & NHRA: News & Notes

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It’s common knowledge that Yankee fans love Derek Jeter. He hustles, he is a leader of men, & he loves the game. If he had to he would play for free. Then there is A-Rod, the man who wouldn’t do anything for free. If you aren’t a close follower of America’s pastime here are two reasons why Jeter is loved and A-Rod isn’t.

1- Last week was the All Star Game held at Yankee Stadium. The game went into extra innings and most of the starters were
replaced so others could play. Finally the American League won the game in the 15th inning.

After the 6th inning you couldn’t find A-Rod anywhere on the bench. Perhaps he went into the locker room to play cards with Rickey? Perhaps he was on the phone making dinner plans with Madonna?

In the 15th inning a TV camera gave us a great shot of the A.L. bench, and there was Jeter on the top step rooting on his fellow teammates. When the winning run crossed home plate who was one of the first players to run on to the field to offer congratulations? Derek Jeter.

A-Rod was nowhere to be found.

2- Alex Rodriguez signed a deal with the famous William Morris Agency this week. He wants to expand his market, perhaps become an actor. Why would this bother a Yankee fan? A-Rod chooses to make this move just as the pennant races are heating up. Bad timing from a guy known for his poor decisions.

The day after A-Rod/William Morris announcement he shows up at the ballpark, and naturally the reporters ask him about the deal. He responds with, “All I want to talk about is baseball.”

Perhaps you might of though of that BEFORE you made your William Morris announcement A-Rod! Perhaps you might have made this deal public during the offseason? Perhaps one has to wonder about your commitment to your teammates, your team, and your baseball career.

While Jeter looks up to Mattingly & Reggie, A-Rod looks up to Madonna.



When the subject of the Golden St. Warriors comes up on sports talk radio these days there are two typical calls that tend to repeat themselves. First comes the average Joe-fan who complains about the exodus of star player Baron Davis to “Hollyboom.” Then the educated fan calls expressing his concern about moving rising star Monte Ellis from the 2 guard spot to the point. Apparently the last caller was not alone because on Monday the Warriors traded a conditional 1st round pick to the New Jersey Nets for point guard Marcus Williams.

Williams, only 22 yrs. old, would have been a senior last season for UConn, but instead opted to turn pro in ’06. When the Nets made their 22nd pick in the ’06 draft they selected star point guard Marcus Williams. Despite making the NBA All Rookie team Williams didn’t get to play very often because the guy he was trying to replace was Jason Kidd.

It is a solid acquisition by the Warriors, who are building a young team from the ashes of a once beleaguered franchise. In the past change usually meant more losses with different faces, but the outlook of East Bay basketball fans changed when Chris Mullin arrived in the Warrior’s front office. Certainly there are many questions to be answered, but now there is a new word that we haven’t heard in years associated with this franchise, confidence.



Grape growers need not dust off the grapes this weekend, the power of 8000 horsepower will do that for them.

Yes I will be attending this weekends 21st annual Fram Autolite Nationals at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, CA.. I’m looking forward to Friday night qualifying under the lights, and (thanks to my buddy Jeff) I have my reserved seats for Sunday’s final eliminations.

Back in 1988 this race was called the California Nationals. Then again the race track used to be called Sears Point Raceway. Since Bruton Smith purchased the track it has become a “big league” facility, upgraded in many ways to make the fan experience a great one.

Like a trip back in time the sound of a nitro powered funny car conjures up many memories. This weekend we will create some new ones.


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