"Holy Toledo!"

August 6, 2008

Holy Toledo: Raiders Investigative Reporting JaMarcus’s Elbow Injury

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Something interesting occurred this week, on Monday Ray Ratto (a once thought to be creditable writer for the San Francisco Chronicle) was a guest on the KNBR Morning Show (Murphy & Mac Show).

In his radio interview Ratto stated that Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell “looked poor in training camp”, was”throwing nothing but wounded ducks” and was “not

As a avid Raider fan, and one who was out of town the last few days this information obviously concerned me.  I knew that Russell had banged his elbow on Darren McFadden’s helmet in practice, and that his elbow was sore. I also know from my baseball background that elbow injuries are much more
serious than shoulder injuries.  Given this new information from Ratto I was

I went to work on this.  I searched many articles from several sources.  Nothing gave me the information I needed to know. Finally I contacted an inside source I knew that was close to the Raiders.

“What’s the story on JaMarcus’s elbow injury?” I asked.  “Is it serious?  According to Ray Ratto he is throwing nothing but ducks.”

The reply I received surprised me, yet at the same time it didn’t.

My source, who shall remain nameless, said, “Ratto hasn’t been to Napa this year, or much in any of the years I have been with the Raiders. So, don’t listen to any columnists you hear on the radio.”

Whoa, that’s revealing.

More importantly he informed me that, “”JaMarcus Russell is just fine. He threw a ball 65 yards in the air the other night with no apparent lingering effects from hitting his elbow on Darren McFadden’s helmet, which I witnessed.”

While I appreciated the accurate info. from my source, I was extremely pissed off about Ratto’s misinformation.

Thank you very much Ray Ratto for giving me a load of crap, several hours of worrying,  based upon your supposed hearsay information.  Perhaps you should get a real job as a political informant, where information means nothing.  The next time someone refers to you as an expert we will know differently.

I was able to disprove your inaccurate information in just a few hours.

All this proves what you should know by now, if you really want to know the real Raider inside stories, the only accurate information can be found here on the “Holy Toledo” blog by Bill Kuhn.


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  1. Billy the K, replete with unnamed sources. I’ve some unnamed souces, myself. 🙂

    Comment by Ralph Zig Tyko — August 9, 2008 @ 4:40 pm

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