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March 18, 2009

Lane Kiffin Needs A History Lesson

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Oh to be a fly on the wall…


Former Raiders coach Lane Kiffin was in town this week. It wasn’t a sight-seeing trip, it was all about money. On Monday Kiffin spoke in his deposition regarding his breach of contract grievance vs. Al Davis & the Raiders. Kiffin is seeking the remaining balance of the money he feels is owed to him for 12 games in 2008 & the entire 2009 salary.


Al Davis contends Kiffin was fired “for cause” which, according to him, means he doesn’t have to pay Kiffin a dime. It is customary in the NFL for fired coaches to receive any money due to them under the terms of their contract, but Al Davis doesn’t give a damn about what is customary. In an equally interesting side note NFL coaches are not protected by the NFL Players Union.


Kiffin completed his portion of the deposition on Monday, so it was assumed that he would fly back to Knoxville, TN as soon as possible. Now that he is the head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers one would think he has plenty to do. He did not fly back however. Instead he stuck around an extra day so he could sit in and listen to Al Davis give his deposition. This was a bit odd, does Kiffin think his presence would rattle Davis? Not a chance.


Perhaps young Lane needs a history lesson. Al Davis has taken on much bigger foes than him. He has taken on the NFL, several cities, a county or two, countless high powered men, and he usually wins. Davis isn’t likely to be intimidated by a brash young coach.


Does Kiffin deserve his money? Perhaps under historical precedence, but certainly not for his job performance. Kiffin won just 5 of the 20 games he was the head coach. He also complained to the media about his surroundings instead of solving his problems in-house (a huge character flaw for a man in his position). Worse yet (at least in my book as a fan), he was not a good field general. Countless times he made errors late in games either with ill-conceived play calling or poor use of the clock. This is something all those in Tennessee will soon discover.


Even if Kiffin wins his grievance will he ever collect his money? Well just ask Mike Shanahan, who is still waiting for the $50,000 he thinks Davis owes him from 1989.


Lane Kiffin should learn from his mistakes and slink out of town quietly. He might also want to read up about proper clock management. Complainers never win, instead they find someone else to blame when they fail.


Good luck Tennessee.



  1. As long as Al Davis owns the Raiders, he will never be able to hire a good coach or attract good players. He has become a paranoid parody of himself. Without a doubt, Kiffin is a horrible coach, but whose fault is that? Who hired him?

    Comment by Guy — April 2, 2009 @ 10:13 am

  2. Since the advent of the salary cap neither the Raiders or 49ers have achieved the lofty level of success they once enjoyed. Both teams have suffered from not being able to buy their way out of a losing streak.

    In the past Al & Eddie would out-spend their opponents, often having backups better than most team’s starters. The salary cap no longer allows such practices.

    Is Al not as sharp as he used to be? Definitely, the guy is going to be 80 on July 4th.

    It would be interesting to see how Eddie would fare in today’s NFL if he still owned the 49ers.

    Comment by Bill — April 2, 2009 @ 10:32 am

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