"Holy Toledo!"

August 31, 2009

The San Francisco Giants Magic Summer

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Renteria Slams Rockies

Renteria Slams Rockies

One week to the day after the 14 inning meltdown that had even the most loyal Giants fan contemplating alternative plans for October, and look at the standings now.  Our national pastime, the great game of baseball is serving up something special this summer in the city by the bay.

What was thought to be a season of low expectations is instead providing more highs & lows than a roller coaster ride.  We’ve witnessed the emergence of a power hitting Panda, a pitcher being carried off the field after being hit in the head by a line drive, the tragic death of team owner Sue Burns, and a grand slam by an unknown catcher named Eli Whiteside.  The uniform #22 was previously worn by Giants royalty Will & Jack Clark, and now it’s worn by a guy who until this year had only 12 at bats in the majors (and that was 4 years ago!).  It could only happen in the summer of magic.

Like a journeyman boxer with a strong chin the ’09 Giants have proven they can take a punch.  When all looks lost they keep getting up off the canvas to throw more punches.  Is this the allure?  Or is it their lineup of relative no-names being able to contend in a sport ruled by superstars?  The answer could just be the unexpected result that occurs when a round ball is met by a round bat.

The summer of magic has already seen great moments, Randy Johnson winning #300, a no-hitter thrown by the starter least likely to succeed, and a Renteria slam to win a game that looked lost.  We should have known that something special was in the offering when on the same day the Giants honored it’s black sheep Jeff Kent, they also gave much maligned Barry Zito a curtain call.

Whatever the future holds for this scrappy bunch they have already exceeded far beyond anything we could have imagined.  At this moment on this day the San Francisco Giants are tied for the Wild Card spot, nobody would have believed it back in April..  If it all falls apart tomorrow one would still have to call it a season of success, yet somehow I suspect that the grand game of baseball has much more in store for the 2009 San Francisco Giants in their summer of magic.


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