"Holy Toledo!"

October 6, 2009

NFL Week 4 Observations

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4 weeks into the season & I’m already looking ahead to the Draft!

I guess I’ve been forced to adopt the 49ers as my backup rooting interest to go along with Gang Green (the Eagles).  The Raiders are truly horrible, I’m finally realizing that until Al croaks it will always be this way (I know I’m probably the last person on earth to admit this).  More bad news, McFadden is out 4-5 weeks with a knee injury, & coach Cable says he’s still sticking with JaMarcus.

I’m telling all my friends that my NFL loyalties are now up for bid, will sell my rooting to the highest bidder (so long as it isn’t the Denver Donkeys).  I accept Paypal!


– Gotta love the Saints.  Two playoff wins in the team’s entire history.  I hope they do well this season.

– End of game play calling & clock management by Dallas was terrible.  The coach should get more heat than Romo.

– The “Man-Genius” has his Browns playing as well as I predicted (0 for 4).  Until he gets fired he will continue to be the worst coach in the NFL (by a huge margin).

– Will the St. Louis Rams win a game this year?  Only if Cleveland is on their schedule.

On a lighter note…

– We witnessed two possible playoff previews last Sunday in the Pitts-SD & Balt-New England games.  High octane quality football is what makes watching the NFL so great.


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