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October 13, 2009

Why JaMarcus Russell Hasn’t Been Benched

Filed under: NFL, Oakland Raiders — Bill @ 8:58 am

Ja-think JaMarcus should be benched?

Can you say Ja-BUST?

Until JaMarcus decides to put forth the effort necessary to be a successful NFL starting quarterback he will continue to stink.  At this point it wouldn’t matter if his wide receivers were Jerry Rice & Tim Brown, he would still over or under throw them.  Like a pitcher who has lost his release point, Russell needs to go back to basics, improve his techniques, be coached properly.  You can lead JaMarcus to the coach but will he listen?

We know he’s not as bad as he has played this season.  We also know he will never be great.  He could be an average QB if he put in the work. At this point being average would be a HUGE improvement!

His lack of production is killing the team’s moral.  Sunday against the NY Giants the Raiders trailed by a huge margin early in the game.  Most NFL teams go into “catch-up mode” which means abandoning the run, opting for all passes.  Because of JaMarcus’s inept passing the Raiders only passed the ball 13 TIMES in the entire game!  Basically they were forced to give up, kill the clock, and warm up the airplane for the long ride home.

Why haven’t they benched JaMarcus?

When Al Davis fired Lane Kiffin he announced during that press conference that Kiffin was critical of Russell.  Al stated publically that the Raiders could win with Russell, and that Kiffin was wrong.  Out of stubbornness, wanting to show up Kiffin, and to not admit he was wrong Al will force Tom Cable to play JaMarcus until he gets injured.  Al will die with his diamond encrusted JaMarcus boots on.


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