"Holy Toledo!"

June 10, 2011

The Oakland A’s, The C-word, & Other Notes

For the first time in his career A’s GM Billy Beane has fired a manager mid-season. Out is Bob Geren, in steps former Giant Bob Melvin. After losing 10 in a row the A’s can only look down on the Minnesota Twins as an AL team with a worse record.

It’s been approx. 800 days since commissioner Bud Selig appointed his “blue ribbon panel” to find a way to get the A’s a new stadium. Unless this panel is operating in stealth mode one has to wonder if it still exists. The Fremont deal is dead, the San Jose option will be fought by the Giants, and don’t expect anything from Oakland given its financial woes. The once proud franchise is probably closer to being folded up like a Barnum & Bailey tent on its way out of town than it is to being rewarded with a new stadium deal. ESPN’s Buster Olney referred to the A’s as a “rotting franchise”.

Since Charlie Finley took his team West leaving Kansas City the A’s have only had brief moments of financial success. They drew good crowds during the Bash Brothers era & enjoyed moderate success during the Money Ball days but those successes are minor blips on an extended pattern of financial failure. Put simply the A’s don’t draw in Oakland.

Where does the green & gold future lie? Sadly for those of us who grew up watching Catfish & Reggie this team is either headed for a new city or could even fall victim to the C-word, contraction.

In other baseball news:
On April 15th the Boston Red Sox were 2-10 and the Bean town faithful were in full panic mode. Since then the Sox have gone 34-16 and now lead the AL East by 2 games. Once again we are reminded that the baseball season is a marathon not a sprint.

NBA Finals thoughts:
Three individuals can’t beat a team. As I watched game 5 last night it became clear that while Miami has 3 great players Dallas has a team. If the Mavs go on to win the title it won’t be because LeBron failed, the difference will be the middle of the roster on down to the end of the bench. Stuff beats fluff every time.

Vintage Sports Video Update:
In yesterday’s mail was 20 “new” Raiders games in dvd from 1978 to 1984. Included in this was a really nice copy of a classic ’84 Broncos-Raiders overtime game (the recently mentioned Dave Humm’s second-to-last game). I’ll be checking these games into the system over the next few days.

Have a good weekend everyone!



  1. I totally disagree with your assessment of the NBA Finals. First of all, Miami does not have three great players, Bosh is a good player and James and Wade are great players, who have not evolved into the truly great player Dirk Nowitzki has become. Nowitski is the difference in this series, so far. Had Dallas not let game three slip away they would now be the NBA champions.

    While Miami has three players of high caliber, their bench is equal to the Dallas bench, which doesn’t score much either. This assumes that Terry is really playing starters minutes, which he does. Nowitski simply doesn’t have the support that the three Miami stars supply for each other. Terry, Kidd and Marion are all past their prime and able to contribute around 24 minutes each with spotty scoring and frequent disappearances. J.J. Barrea will easily move into the starting point guard role next year and Marion and Terry will have diminished roles.

    So, how is Dallas up 3-2 in the series? Nowitski has simply become, along with Koby Bryant, the best in the NBA. Dirk makes everybody around him better with his passing, huge picks and outside shot that opens up the middle for easier shots and scoring by teammates. Speaking of outside shooting – I can’t think of anybody in NBA history who can out-shoot Dirk from the perimeter. Bird, West, Jordan or Barry can’t out gun Dirk from jump shot land and you can absolutely include free throw shooting to this ironclad statement.

    With the help of Tyson Chandler on the boards, Nowitski is the leader of a group of veterans, who go to him for his scoring, passing, driving to the hole, making all of his free throws and playing good, sound defense – at a level he never has before. By the way, what about his two drives and left-handed running bankers in game three, as he scored the last 9 points in the game to win it? Bird and Barry are the only two other NBA super stars I’ve ever seen throw it up with the off-hand with the game on the line. That is, in all ways, a true sign of greatness.

    I agree with one of your statements – “Stuff beats fluff every time” – since you didn’t even mention Dirk Nowitski, I thought I better step in with “the right stuff.”

    Comment by Mark E. Dommer — June 10, 2011 @ 8:57 am

  2. Well stated. Nowitski is a star no doubt, so is Wade & James. The only thing I could debate is that had Miami not choked up game 2 this series could be 3 games to 2 Miami. Every games has been close & entertaining.

    Comment by Bill — June 10, 2011 @ 9:19 am

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