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July 26, 2011

Today’s NFL & Oakland Raider Update

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The lockout is over, and after all that fuss we ended up losing a grand total of one preseason game, the Hall of Fame game from Canton. According to the parties involved it was all worth it, nut from a fan’s perspective here’s all we really need to know:
– The 16 game schedule will not be changed for at least 3 years
– Draft picks will get paid much less than in past years
– The fund to assist older retired players was increased
– The new salary cap now has both a floor & a ceiling, meaning teams like the Browns will no longer be allowed to under-spend by 35 million like they did last season

…all the other issues were not really anything that the average fan would notice.

Today will begin the process of signing draft picks & free agents. Contracts can be agreed to now but will not become official until Friday. The new salary cap will force some teams to cut or renegotiate with high priced players like the Saints Reggie Bush. Currently only 7 teams are over the allowed spending limit, the Raiders being the worst at $17 million over the cap. Players will be reporting to Training Camp this week, see list below:

Wednesday: Arizona, Baltimore, Dallas, Denver, Jacksonville, New England, Oakland, Philadelphia, San Diego, & Seattle

Thursday: Atlanta, Cincinnati, Detroit, Kansas City, Miami, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Tampa Bay, & Washington

Friday: Buffalo, Carolina, Chicago, Cleveland, Green Bay, Indianapolis, Minnesota, NY Giants, St. Louis, & Tennessee

Sunday: NY Jets & Houston

For obvious space issues I can’t list the entire group of unrestricted free agents so since many of you are Raider fans I will give you that information. To see the NFL free agents you can use this web address:

Oakland Raiders Unrestricted Free Agents:
Conerback: Nnamdi Asomugha
Linebackers: Ricky Brown, Thomas Howard, Jarvis Moss, Sam Williams
Long Snapper: Jon Condo
Offensive Lineman: Khalif Barnes, Robert Gallery, Mario Henderson, Samson Satele, Langston Walker
Quarterbacks: Charlie Frye, Bruce Gradkowski, J.Y. O’Sullivan
Safety: Michael Huff
Tight End: Zach Miller
Wide Receiver: Johnnie Lee Higgins
*Running Back Michael Bush was thought to be on this list but it has been confirmed that Bush is a “restricted” free agent meaning the Raiders have first right of refusal on him.

According to my sources the Raiders primary goal is to get Zach Miller resigned, however Miller hasn’t commented on his situation. Naturally the Raiders would love to get Nnamdi back but given their cap situation and the high price some teams may offer him his return is not likely. It has been rumored that they will resign Mario Henderson & Khalif Barnes & they would like a veteran center to mentor top draft pick Wizniewski, whether that mentor turns out to be Satele remains to be seen. Michael Huff is extremely unlikely to return & according to those close to Robert Gallery he wants out of Oakland. It’s well known fact that Al Davis loves LB Sam Williams & OL Langston Walker, will that be enough for them to return? We’ll see.

Here is a surprise: Former Steeler, Giant, & NY inmate Plaxico Burress is in the Raiders crosshairs and they are very interested. Burress has always played on the East coast, however given his recent trouble & his age one wonders how many teams will offer him a contract.

The players under contract are expected at the Raiders facility in Alameda today, and will be reporting to Training Camp in Napa tomorrow.

News will be coming fast & furious so keep checking into Holy Toledo for updates.


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  1. Plaxico Burress is the quintessential Raider veteran retread acquisition – talented, troubled, risky, aging and available. He’s everything Randy Moss was plus an enhanced rap sheet. But, regardless of his past, he’s a good to great receiver – at times – and that is 80% of why he’d get a shot – so to speak. 30 years ago he’d be out of football, but in today’s game he has NFL peer support and modeling from folks like Ray Lewis, Pacman Jones and others of incredibly questionable characters, who roam the league – in a fan friendly way, of course. Go figure….

    Comment by Mark E. Dommer — July 26, 2011 @ 10:28 am

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