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August 2, 2011

Raiders Lose Zach Miller, Considering Kevin Boss

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Bad news for Raider fans…

True followers of the Raiders knew that Nnamdi Asomugha, the best defensive player the Raiders have had since Mke Haynes, was not coming back. He left to participate in the playoffs in Philadelphia.

The news gets worse. Last season, well actually for the last several seasons the Oakland Raiders have had an inconsistent passing game. Their most reliable weapon has been TE Zach Miller, who is an average blocker but has great hands and a knack for clutch catches. Today Miller left for the great northwest to become a member of the USC Troj… err I mean the Seattle Seahawks. They paid him handsomely, 5 yr. deal $17 million guaranteed, much more if he stays for the entire contract. Reports are the Raiders offer was close, I guess he bought into what Pete Carrol & Tom Cable were selling.

It gets worse, the Raiders next best offensive threat was Jacoby Ford, yesterday we learned Ford has a broken hand. Fortunately he will be back in Silver & Black.

The next best TE on the market is the Western Oregon product Kevin Boss, formerly of the NY Giants. Boss is no slouch, he was a valuable member of the Giants Super Bowl team in ’07 and was a major reason they released Jeremy Shockey. He too is capable of making the big play but he’s not as reliable as Miller. Over the past 3 seasons Boss caught 110 passes for 16 TD passes compared to Miller’s 182 receptions with only 8 TD’s. Both players entered the league in 2007 but Boss is a year older at age 27. Boss is a menacing 6’7”.

On satellite radio this week Rich Gannon asked Boss about being a Raider, “I would be surprised if they don’t resign Zach. He’s been one of their best offensive weapons since he’s been there. They definitely like to use the tight end, (Oakland) would definitely be a place I would look at.”

There is no way of spinning it, losing Miller will hurt an already less than average passing game. They had better sign Boss or spread the offense & sign 2 free agent WR’s.

Is the new slogan on Oakland “Suck for Luck”?
(in reference to getting the #1 pick in next year’s draft for the rights to choose Stanford QB Andrew Luck)

UPDATE: Center Samson Satele resigns with Raiders, adds depth to thin line.


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  1. I’m a huge Zach Miller fan, but I’m an even bigger Kevin Boss fan. Boss is under-used in New York. Coughlin went to his Vince Lombardi offense when Manning was still learning his craft and they have stuck with it since with great success. The running game was built up to put Manning in good pass situations, like third and short. NY generally keeps their TE in to run block. They rely on their WR’s for first down passing plays. Only when the defense cheats over with their safeties on the Giant wide outs do they throw to the tight end. Boss was rarely used as a receiver until the Giants reached the red zone, where he became a prime receiver and has delivered with 16 TD.s in the last three years.

    Boss is ready to break out as a big time receiver – as he said to Gannon, “They definitely like to use the tight end, (Oakland) would definitely be a place I would look at.” Boss has great hands and exceptional speed – he had the longest play from scrimmage in in NY’s victorious Super Bowl, going 45 yards to set up the winning score – his only catch in the game. Last year he averaged 15.2 yards per catch – that’s a WR stat. He is also an excellent blocker with three solid years of 3 yards and the cloud of dust routine in NY. He’s probably bored to tears. I think he’s capable of 800 yards a year and maybe a biggie of 1,000 yards if he gets the attention Zach Miller got.

    The only drawback for me is I won’t get to see him play as much if he goes to Oakland. With their crappy attendence home games are blacked out on Sunday ticket all the time.

    Comment by The Domeman — August 3, 2011 @ 5:07 pm

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