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August 23, 2011

Rare Vintage Drag Racing Films Found 1950’s 60’s & 70’s NHRA U.S. Nationals!

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One week away from “The Big Go!”
The 57th annual Mac Tools U.S. Nationals
at Raceway Park in Indianapolis, Indiana
August 31st thru September 5th

If you’re an old drag racer do I have some exciting news for you!

I’m proud to announce that I have found some of the oldest drag racing video footage known to exist with sound & color. I’m not talking about someone’s shaky old home movies, this is actual high quality vintage film footage of over 35 races from 1959 to 1975. There are famous races, rare films of legendary drivers, and full color video of some of the greatest race cars. Through the help of a friend I was able to digitally remaster these vintage films and restore them to high quality dvd.

I must confess when I first became aware of these videos I wondered about the picture & sound quality, especially given their age. As I began to work on them I was stunned at how good they looked. They really look & sound good.

If you are a drag racing fan, or collect historical races, this is a treasure chest of drag racing history. Big Daddy’s 1st Nationals victory, the Snake’s 1st Winternationals & Nationals win, so many great moments. If you’re interested in trading for any of these please contact me at: bkuhn007@gmail.com

Here is a complete list of races found:

1959 Nationals -Detroit, MI

1962 2nd annual Winternationals -Pomona, CA

1963 Nationals -Indianapolis, IN
(2 separate films, 1 color 1 b&w)
1st NHRA event ever covered by national TV!

1964 Nationals -Indianapolis, IN
Garlits 1st Nationals win!

“1320 Feet”
1964 vintage drag racing film featuring:
’64 Winternationals
’64 Nationals
’64 British International Drag Racing Festival

1964 AHRA Winter Championships -Phoenix, AZ

1965 Winternationals -Pomona, CA
Prudhomme’s 1st NHRA win!
(2 versions)

“Big Go USA!”
1965 vintage film featuring:
’65 Winternationals
’65 Spring Nationals
’65 Nationals

1965 Mickey Thompson’s 200 M.P.H. Club Meet -Fontana, CA

1966 Winternationals -Pomona, CA
Steve Evans commentator

1966 Smokers Meet -Bakersfield, CA

1966 Nationals -Indianapolis, IN

1966 World Finals -Tulsa, OK

1967 Nationals -Indianapolis, IN
Funny Cars debut & Big Daddy Shaves!

1967 World Finals -Tulsa, OK

1968 Nationals -Indianapolis, IN
(3 versions)

1969 Spring Nationals -Dallas, TX

1969 Nationals -Indianapolis, IN

1969 AHRA Spring Nationals
Ford promotional film featuring”
Danny Ongias driving Mickey Thompson Mustang funny car

1970 Nationals -Indianapolis, IB
Jim Nichol crash & Pro Stock debut

1970 World Finals -Dallas, TX

1970 Hot Wheels TV commercial

1971 Super Nationals -Ontario, CA

“Once Upon A Wheel”
1971 vintage film featuring”
Snake vs. Mongoose Hot Wheels Match Race Tour

1971 Spring Olympics -Great Lakes Dragaway

1972 Spring Nationals -Columbus, OH

1972 UDRA Spring Nationals -Great Lakes Dragaway

1972 Match Race -Great Lakes Dragaway

“Sport Of The People”
1972 vintage drag racing film)

1973 IHRA Northern Nationals -Muncie, IN

1973 Chicago Style Match Race -Great Lakes Dragaway

“The Wonder Of Drag Racing”
1973 vintage drag racing film

1973 vintage drag racing film

1974 U.S. Nationals -Indianapolis, IN

1974 IHRA Southern Nationals -Charlotte, NC

1975 U.S. Nationals -Indianapolis, IN

1975 Pro-Am Nationals

Having grown up around racing I’m well aware of these names, I’ve seen pictures of their famous cars. I saw some of them race, but some were simply before my time. It was great to finally see these guys race down the strip. Here is a list of just some of the legendary names included on some of these videos.

Art Arfon’s Green Mamba
Benny “the Wizard” Osborne
“Big Daddy” Don Garlits
“Big” John Mazmanian
Bill “Grumpy” Jenkins
Billy Meyer
Charlie Smith
Chico Breschini
Connie Kalitta
Creitz Greer & Donovan
Danny Ongais
Dick Landy
Don “the Snake” Prudhomme
“Dyno” Don Nicholson
Gas Rhonda
George Montgomery
Gordan Collett
Hurst Hemi Under Glass
Jack Chrisman
James Warren in Warren, Coburn & Miller
Jim Davis
Jimmy Nix
John Batto
John “the Zookeeper” Mulligan
K.S. Pittman
Larry Dixon Sr.
Matrin-Nelson Dragmaster
McEwen & Adams
Mike Sorokin
Raymond Beadle’s Blue Max
Rick Stewart
Ron Colson
Ronnie Sox
Shirley Muldowney
“Sneaky” Pete Robinson
Steve Carbone
Stone Woods & Cook
The Dragliner
The Freight Train
The Hawaiian
The Hot Wheels Funny Cars of Snake & Mongoose
The Lil’ Red Wagon
The Surfers
Tony Nancy
TV Tommy Ivo


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  1. I think i was at that meet in bakersfield in 1966 i went every year for all of the 60 s and most of the 70 s. uncle buck

    Comment by uncle buck — August 24, 2011 @ 8:07 am

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