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August 26, 2011

Enter the U.S. Nationals Drag Racing Trivia Contest sponsored by Holy Toledo!

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Six days to go before the start of the largest & richest drag race of the year, so I thought it might be fun to have a U.S. Nationals Trivia Contest brought to you by “Holy Toledo!”

The winner will receive:
Your choice of any two sporting events on DVD from my vintage sports collection (NHRA, Nascar, Indy 500, Boat Drags, NFL, MLB, NBA, or anything else you find on my list).

Rules are simple:
As in drag racing there are 4 rounds, each round gets more difficult. You will gain points with each correct answer, the one with the most points wins. Again that’s any 2 games, or 2 races, or 1 game & 1 race, etc…

“We need all the contestants in the staging lanes please!”

Honorary starter Buster Couch is motioning us up to the starting line, light ‘em up!

Round 1
Each question is worth 2 points
We’ll start with some easy ones…

1- Who won more U.S. Nationals titles as a driver?
Jerry Eckman, Frank Iaconio, Larry Morgan, Darrel Aldermann, Kurt Johnson, or Mike Edwards?

2- Who won more U.S. Nationals titles as a driver?
Don Garlits, Don Prudhomme, Ed McCulloch, or Bob Glidden?

3- Which of these won the least U.S. Nationals titles in a row as a driver?
Bob Glidden, Warren Johnson,, Greg Anderson, or Tony Schumacher?

4- Who had the first 4 second pass in U.S. Nationals history in Top Fuel?
Darrell Gwynn, Eddie Hill, Dick LaHaie, Joe Amato, Kenny Bernstein, Or Don Garlits?

5- Who had the first 300 M.P.H. pass in U.S. Nationals history?
Darrell Gwynn, Eddie Hill, Dick LaHaie, Joe Amato, Kenny Bernstein, Or Don

6- Who among these never won as a driver at the U.S. Nationals?
Don Schumacher, “Dyno” Don Nicholson, Dennis Baca, Danny Ongais, or Tom Hoover?

7- What was the first year the U.S. Nationals were ever held in Indianapolis?

8- How many U.S. Nationals titles did Shirley Muldowney win as a drver?

9- What was the first year Funny Car became an official class at the U.S. Nationals

10- What was the first year Pro Stock (car) became an official class at the U.S. Nationals?

Submit your answers in the “Comments” section. Your comments may not show up immediately but they are emailed to me to post online as official.

Go Luck!

*As editor & chief of Holy Toledo I have final say on all tiebreakers, rule disputes or any other b.s. that comes up.

ROUND 2 ——

Since my hobby is vintage sports video I thought it fitting to make this 2nd round of trivia all about the television broadcasts.

U.S. Nationals Trivia Contest sponsored by Holy Toledo
Round 2
2 points per question.

1- What was the first year ABC Wide World of Sports televised the U.S. Nationals?

2- What was the first year NBC televised the U.S. Nationals?

3- What was the first year ESPN televised the U.S. Nationals?

4- What was the first year Don Garlits appeared as a member of the television announcing crew?

5- Who was never a primary announcer for the U.S. Nationals TV broadcast?
Keith Jackson
Reggie Jackson
Jim, Simpson
Bill Fleming
Joel Meyers
Ralph Sheheen

6- Speaking of announcers, the last time Mike Dunn drove at the U.S. Nationals he made it to the Finals. Who did he lose to?
Tony Schumacher
Larry Dixon
Gary Scelzi
Kenny Bernstein
Cory McClenathan

7- The first year Mike Dunn worked in the TV booth as an announcer was?

8- The first U.S. Nationals to be broadcast live was by TNN, can you name the year?

9- They had strapped movie cameras to cars in the past, but the 1st wireless digital in-car camera was used in 1988 on who’s car?
Eddie Hill
Joe Amato
Kenny Bernstein
Dick LaHaie
Shelly Anderson

10- What was the last U.S. Nationals the great Steve Evans worked as an announcer?


U.S. Nationals Drag Racing Trivia Contest sponsored by Holy Toledo!
Semi-Final Round Questions are now worth 4 points each:

1- When Connie Kalitta beat Eddie Hill in the Finals to earn his only U.S. Nationals Top Fuel win who was his crew chief?
Dick LaHaie
Connie Kalitta
John Medlen
Tim Richards
Ed McCulloch

2- In 1995 when Cruz Pedregon beat John Force in the Funny Car Finals Cruz wore a helmet that was painted like what NFL team?
LA Rams
Dallas Cowboys
Oakland Raiders
SF 49ers
St. Louis Rams

3- How far did John Force advance in the first U.S. Nationals race that he had Austib Coil as his crew chief?
1st Round loss
2nd Round loss
Semi-Finals loss
Finals loss
Won the race

4- When John Force won his 1st U.S. Nationals title who did he beat in the Finals?
Al Hoffmann
Kenji Okazaki
Cruz Pedregon
Tony Pedregon
Frank Pedregon

5- John Force was 0 for 10 in Final Rounds before finally winning his 1st national event beating Ed McCullough in Montreal in 1987. Unfortunately the race wasn’t televised so nobody saw it. The following year on U.S. Nationals weekend John won the Big Bud Shootout for his first NHRA win on TV. True of False: John cried during his post-race interview with Steve Evans?

*Bonus Question for 1 extra point:
Can you name John Force’s children from youngest to oldest?


U.S. Nationals Drag Racing Trivia Contest sponsored by Holy Toledo!
Final Round Questions are now worth 10 points each:

1- The Top Fuel Final Round at the U.S. Nationals has seen many great match-ups featuring some of drag racing’s greatest drivers. The oldest combined age for two drivers in a U.S. Nationals Top Fuel Final was? *2.5 points for each correct driver you name & 5 points for naming their combined age.

2- The legendary Steve Evans was a fixture at the U.S. Nationals for many years. Can you tell us how many years Steve Evans attended the U.S. Nationals?

Please submit your answers in the comments section below, they will be immediately emailed to me for posting.

Good Luck



  1. round one #1kj. #2 glidden. #3 greg a. #4 eddie hill. #5 kenny b.#6 don schumacher.# 7 1960. #8 1.# 9 1969. #10 1970. round 2 #1 dick lahaie. #2 rams. #3 lost finals. #4 al hoffman #5 true. brettney, cortney, ashly, & mrs hight

    Comment by uncle buck — August 30, 2011 @ 12:33 pm

  2. #1 1961. #2 1989. #3 1999. #4 1987.# 5 reggie jackson. #6 tony s. # 7 2003.#8 95. #9 eh. #10 1997.

    Comment by uncle buck — August 30, 2011 @ 4:30 pm

  3. eddie hill don garlits 115 years steve e. 37 years

    Comment by uncle buck — September 1, 2011 @ 9:52 am

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