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October 7, 2011

One Quarter of the NFL Season Done, Who Makes the Playoffs? Also “Suck For Luck” Standings

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Hard to believe but the 2011 NFL season is already 25% done. If the playoffs started today who would be in & who would be out?

AFC East – Buffalo Bills
AFC North – Baltimore Ravens
AFC South – Houston Texans
AFC West – San Diego Chargers
Wild Card – New England Patriots
Wild Card – Tennessee Titans

NFC East – Washington Redskins
NFC North – Detroit Lions
NFC South – Tampa Bay Bucs
NFC West – San Francisco 49ers
Wild Card – Green Bay Packers
Wild Card – New Orleans Saints

Quite a few surprises in this group. By my count 8 of the 12 teams didn’t make the playoffs in last year.

Teams who made the playoffs last year who are not in:
A Super Bowl team Pittsburgh, two from the conference championships NY Jets & Da’ Bears, along with Atlanta, Indy, Kansas City, Philadelphia & Seattle.

Keep in mind it’s still early and this is just for fun. Some of the division leaders such as Detroit & Green Bay, and the Giants & Redskins have yet to play each other. The Saints still have not played a division opponent.

The Chargers & Bucs have the advantage of already playing 3 home games, while the Lions, Patriots, & Giants have had one home game so far.

I won’t bore you with the tiebreakers at this time.

I plan on updating this again when we reach the halfway point but it gets complicated with bye weeks.

ADED: I forgot to include the “Suck For Luck” standings, also known as the battle for the #1 Draft pick, which will undoubtedly be Stanford QB Andrew Luck.

“Suck For Luck” Standings
1. Miami Dolphins 0-4
2. Indy Colts 0-4
3. St. Louis 0-4*
4. Minnesota 0-4
5. All at 1-3
Arizona, Carolina, Denver, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Philadelphia, & Seattle.

*Of the four worst teams only St. Louis has already lost 3 home games.



  1. looking for the raiders in the next one. uncle buck

    Comment by uncle buck — October 7, 2011 @ 10:26 am

  2. The Detroit Lions have the longest current win streak in NFL with 8 straight victories – going back to last season’s 4 straight win close out. Although I haven’t officially seen proof of this next startling stat – the longest current road winning streak in the NFL – let’s assume that Detroit’s string of five straight road wins is tops presently in the league, considering they replaced New England’s two-year win streak of 8 in a row overall when the Pats lost to the Bills. That’s hard to believe since Detroit ended the longest road losing streak in NFL history with 26 straight road losses at the end of last season when they began this current 5-game road win streak.

    If all of this makes you slightly dizzy, consider the giddiness of sports fans in Michigan for a moment. After last night’s seminal victory over the beloved Yankees, the Tigers are marching into the ALCS against a team they have beaten six out of nine times during the regular season. Motown’s Bengals will have dream-like match ups when their top-heavy, right-handed hitting lineup faces the mostly left-handed starting rotation of Texas. Things are looking up for the Tigers, with their two-ace starting staff, super solid bullpen and efficient fielding – they are 80-0 with lead after the 7th inning this year, through last night.

    In the college ranks, Michigan enjoys the ethereal ranking of #12 in the nation with victories over nobody including resident Big Ten door mat Minnesota. The Wolverines could lose 4 or 5 games down the stretch when they play the Big Ten somebodies including Michigan State, #20 in the USA Today poll, next Saturday in Lansing. This is perhaps the biggest game in their storied state rivalry in the last 10 years – especially if Michigan comes in unbeaten with a road win tomorrow over Northwestern, a 2-2 team that lost to Army two weeks ago.

    The amazing topper of this Great Lakes sports fantasy is that the Red Wings, normally the toughest ticket in town, open their season with zero fanfare, although we all know the NHL doesn’t “officially” start until Turkey Day. The local running joke goes like this around week 5 in the NFL, “So, how are the Lions doing this year?”, asks one of the disinterested masses of Motown. The diehard Lion fan answers, “Well, the Red Wings open tonight!” – which they do, but I honestly didn’t know that, myself, until I called the Detroit Free Press to see if they knew about that longest current NFL road winning streak, which they didn’t…Go Wings! Anybody got two seats court-side for the Piston’s home opener?

    Comment by The Domeman — October 7, 2011 @ 3:28 pm

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