"Holy Toledo!"

November 2, 2011

Denver Week: Raiders Sign Who? Houshmandzadeh

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OK Raiders fans let’s practice it together. Are you ready?
Hoosh (like Hoosier minus the “ier”)
Man (as in Al Davis is “The Man”)
Zadda (think of the Iron Butterfly song In A Gadda Da Vida only with a “Z”)


Just be happy you aren’t the guy who has to put the silver letters on the back of his new uniform.

Did the Raiders really need a new wide receiver? Probably not. Unless there is an injury to one of our guys we aren’t aware of, or somebody pissed off somebody else, it seemed like the current crop of WR’s was set.

It’s not like any of the other 31 teams in the NFL were racing to sign T.J. so he’s obviously not what one would refer to as a commodity. Let’s be honest here, Hue was trying to make Carson Palmer happy.

I suppose one could argue that having “Hoosh-man-zadda” (it will be much easier to call him T.J. from this point on), might provide Palmer with a comfort receiver. An emergency exit when trouble arises. Some would call that a security blanket.

The other area of concern that nobody has mentioned is Hue Jackson. Don’t get me wrong I really like the guy. I have confidence in his ability to design an offense far superior to anything we’ve seen in Oakland in many years. However the way he handled Palmer in the KC game was a bit odd. Carson said he “had no idea” he was going to play in that game. He knew very few plays. Given the game scenario it reeked of an act of desperation. Wouldn’t it make sense to at least let Palmer know at halftime that he might be playing?

Perhaps Hue has a master plan I’m unaware of, but it seems like that situation could have been handled better. I will also give Hue a mulligan because of his lack of sleep given all he had to deal with since Al’s death & the Palmer trade.

Or as I affectionately refer to them as the “Donkeys”
Mr. Ed’s old team. You ever notice how much John Elway & Mr. Ed look alike?

Love to hate them, but let’s be honest, some of the great games in Raider history involve the Denver Donkeys. Later this week I’ll be posting my 10 greatest Raiders-Donkeys games so keep watching. Also feel free to offer any suggestions along that line. What is your favorite Raiders-Denver game?

(my spell-check just about had a stroke on this entry!)


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