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March 7, 2012

News & Notes: Manning, the Raiders, Vintage Sports Video, the Phillies, Bo Jackson, & Nascar

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News & Notes:

The major news of the day was in Indianapolis where the Colts released their franchise icon Peyton Manning. Now a free agent the once great QB may choose any team provided they offer him a contract. On the surface signing Manning seems like a “no-brainer” however in today’s NFL the salary cap, combined with Manning huge asking price brings a large risk. After a year off recuperating from four neck surgeries the likelihood of Manning surviving the rigors of the entire NFL season is questionable. Combine the health risk with the price tag and you end up with a really difficult decision. Not such a “no-brainer” after all.

-Very little to say about the “Bounty-gate” scandal involving former Saints (now Rams) defensive coordinator Greg Williams. The commissioner & the media will make a big deal about this, expect suspensions, fines, and the Saints may even lose a draft pick. It’s all about image, the league is trying to clean up its act. In truth this is a league that promotes big hits, toughness, and it’s not played by golfers or tennis players. Large, tough men beat the crap out of each other for a huge amount of money & a big ring. This sort of thing goes on all the time, & it will in the future. The only question is who was the rat who talked?

-Mark you calendar for March 13th. This is the date all NFL teams must be in compliance with the 2012 salary cap of $120 million. With a week to go the Oakland Raiders are in the worse shape of all, about $30 million over the cap. Look for more cuts, & lots of quiet backroom renegotiations of contracts. Players under the microscope are LB Kamerion Wimbley, S Michael Huff, DT Tommy Kelly, LB Aaron Curry, & possibly even Richard Seymour. I would expect Curry & Seymour to renegotiate their contracts. Keep an eye out on the transaction wire the next few days.

-Vintage Sports Video News: New acquisitions. Recently I received a nice copy of Super Bowl II between the Green Bay Packers & the Oakland Raiders, a 3 dvd set. It is the actual national radio broadcast with some very well done video added. Whoever made this is quite talented, it includes some very high quality game footage, & also some good postgame interviews. The last title ever won by Vince Lombardi.

-Attention Philadelphia Phillies & Montreal Expos fans! Two new games just received: the 1980 regular season game from October 4, 1980 in which the Phillies clinch the NL East on a Mike Schmidt home run. Phillies at Expos with the late great Harry Kalas doing the play by-play. Also just in is the 1981 National League Division Series game 1 Philadelphia at Montreal, Steve Rogers vs. Steve Carlton, nation TV broadcast.

In an interesting twist of fate I received both of these games just days after the death of Hall of Fame catcher Gary Carter. He was a major contributor to the Expos in both of these games.

-More Bo Jackson game added. In my daily search to find as many games as I can showing arguably the greatest all-around athlete of all-time, I have added many. Some new high quality upgraded versions of the Auburn days, plus many more of Bo’s days as a Raider. Check my list for specifics.

I also finally found a high quality version of the “Bo Knows” commercial featuring Bo Diddley. Apparently Bo does know Diddley!

*If anyone has the actual game broadcast of the famous “Bo climbing the outfield wall” please contact me.

-2012 Daytona 500: When you combine Thursday’s Duel at Daytona, with the Sunday rain delay, and the 6 hour Monday night marathon the 2012 Daytonat 500 dvd set is a whopping 7 dvds. I’ve got it all, took forever, but will always be remembered.

Email me for an updated Vintage Sports Video list.


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