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November 26, 2012

2012 NFL Playoff Scenario Updated, & 2013 NFL Draft Order

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With 5 weeks (and 1 game) to go in the 2012 NFL season I thought it might be time to take a look at the playoff picture. Since the Raiders have no realistic shot at the playoffs I also thought we should look at how the 2013 NFL Draft order is shaping up.

NFL Playoff Scenario
— AFC —
1. Houston 10-1
2. Baltimore 9-2
3. New England 8-3
4. Denver 8-3
Wild Card teams:
1. Indianapolis 7-4
2. Pittsburgh 6-5

Cincinnati 6-5
Miami 5-6
Buffalo 4-7
NY Jets 4-7
San Diego 4-7
Tennessee 4-7

— NFC —
1. Atlanta 10-1
2. San Francisco 8-2-1
3. Chicago 8-3
4. NY Giants 7-4
Wild Card teams:
1. Green Bay 7-4
2. Seattle 6-5

Tampa Bay 6-5
Minnesota 6-5
Washington 5-6
New Orleans 5-6
Dallas 5-6
St. Louis 4-6-1
Arizona 4-7
Detroit 4-7

A big advantage exists for the top two teams in each conference, a bye in the 1st round and home field advantage. The Wild Card teams play on the road at the 3rd & 4th seeded division winners.

In the AFC this weekend all four division winners won and seem likely to remain in the top spot. The Steelers loss to Cleveland was good news for the Bengals, who are trying to earn a Wild Card spot. The only other contender to win was Miami, who remains one game out.

In the NFC this weekend all four of the division leaders won, with Chicago being the only team to have less than a 2 game lead. Atlanta could wrap up their division crown next Sunday. Both teams that are currently in the Wild Card spot lost this weekend. Among the contenders only the Redskins & Rams were able to make up ground.

2013 Draft Order–
1.Kansas City 1-10
2.Jacksonville 2-9
3.Carolina 3-8
Cleveland 3-8
Oakland 3-8
Philadelphia 3-8

The team with the worst record gets the first pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. The win by Jacksonville this weekend gives the Chiefs a one game lead in the battle for the 1st pick. Cleveland, who also was in the running for the 1st pick surprised everyone with a win over the Steelers. Tonight’s game matches Carolina & Philadelphia, the loser is likely to get a top 5 pick (*standings updated after Panthers win over Eagles). Several of these teams will play each other before the season ends, so the battle for the #1 pick is still up for grabs.



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  1. Tough year for Raiders—you’re already looking at draft order for 2013. How ‘bout Kap? I hope Harbaugh does the right thing and keeps him in there. He has more 20+ yards plays in two weeks than Smith gets in a whole year. It’s the one thing missing from their Super Bowl picture, and the team is clearly behind him. Winning vs. Bears’ D and then in NOLA as loud as that building is proves all I need to see. I can’t remember the last time Niners won in NOLA.


    Comment by Guy Lasky — November 27, 2012 @ 8:34 pm

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