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January 13, 2013

NFL Playoffs, Colin Kaepernick, Oakland Raiders, & Vintage Sports Video News

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According to some radio announcers yesterday’s Ravens-Broncos game was “the best playoff game since the 1981 Chargers-Dolphins game”. Yes it was an excellent game, but one could argue that last year’s Saints-49ers game was just as good, if not better. Why does one have to be better than the other? Let’s just be thrilled that the first 3 games this weekend were all exciting, not a stinker amongst them.

Speaking of playoff games, I now have every NFL playoff game since the 2005 season on DVD. Actually I have literally hundreds of NFL playoffs games on DVD dating back to 1958, many from the 70’s, every Super Bowl, & almost every championship game. Thought you fans of vintage sports videos might like to know.

Raiders News:
Former Rams head coach Mike Martz, who is known as tte “mad scientist” was interviewed this week by the Oakland Raiders for the job of offensive coordinator. Certainly would be an upgrade, but I might remind you that he is the same guy who didn’t use Hall of Fame RB Marshall Faulk in his Super Bowl loss to the Patriots.

-Is Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, & Robert Griffen III the new model for today’s NFL quarterback?
In this copycat league it’s difficult to argue against these new “college-type” QB’s who run nearly as often as they throw. As I watched last night’s 49ers-Packers game I found myself wondering if today’s NFL game might more resemble the NCAA. They used ro say that running QB’s would never make it in the NFL, clearly that isn’t the case. Well wait, let me put a condition on that statement: until some big linebacker or hard-hitting safety puts a major hit on one of these guys. Maybe in today’s “soft NFL”, with all their rules to protect offensive players, these kind of QB’s can succeed. Only time will tell…

Vintage Sports Video Update:
I will be posting my updated collection soon, including many new games from the NFL, college football, MLB, and a smattering of old NBA stuff. I haven’t forgotten you fans of racing, plenty of “new” vintage NHRA, NASCAR, Indy cars, and now a nice collection of drag boar racing.

Sad Note:
One of the Oakland A’s biggest supporters, a friend of mine, a mother of two, Pam Eck passed away this week. Too young for such a nice person to die of cancer. She was a very good lady who will be missed. My condolences to her family.


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