"Holy Toledo!"

July 3, 2013

Holy Toledo! What A Collection of Vintage NFL & College Football on DVD!

Looking for high quality original broadcasts of the great games of your youth?
Want to show your kids legends like Namath, Staubach, Czonka, or the Steel Curtain?
Want to relive the Ghost To The Post, Miracle at the Meadowlands, or the Holy Roller?

To build one of the nation’s largest vintage sports video collections it takes decades of effort, good equipment, & even better friends. Just a few days ago I completed a monumental task, creating an updated, organized, more user friendly list of my entire collection. I have posted it for you here on Holy Toledo! (Unfortunately it doesn’t translate as well to the web, so feel free to email me for an even better & easier to use list)

See the List, Click Here

High Quality NFL Original Broadcasts
Every Super Bowl broadcast known to exist
Most of the great NFL Playoff games
Hundreds of exciting Regular Season games
Nearly every Raiders game since 1978
Rare games from the early days of Bill Walsh & Joe Montana
A huge Bo Jackson collection
Nearly 1300 NFL games on DVD!

College Football on DVD
The Greatest Games dating back to the 60’s
The most unforgettable moments
The biggest Bowl Games

There’s more!
Hard to find vintage highlight shows like…
NFL Yearbooks (a.k.a. season highlight films),
NFL Game of the Week shows,
This Week In Pro Football,
Super Bowl Highlight Films

The best of the best football documentaries like…
A Football Life
America’s Game
Rare Interviews

See Holy Toledo! NFL & College Football Games on DVD

Let’s talk about quality.
Obviously we can’t teleport back to January 14th, 1973 and re-record Super Bowl VII between Don Shula’s perfect Dolphins & George Allen’s “Over-the Hill Gang”. So here’s what I’ve done. I’ve acquired multiple recordings of this game, from a myriad of sources, searching for the best quality recording known to exist. Then I repeated this process over & over for all the great games.

Then there are moments when the clouds part, the sky opens up and drops us a perfect quality recording of the 1973 AFC Championship, or the famous 1976 Monday Night game when Oakland hosted the Bengals. You can’t explain it, you just gratefully accept it and move on.

Sometimes a game simply doesn’t exist. For years we’ve been looking for a recording of the 1974 AFC Playoff game known as the “Sea Of Hands”. All we have is the radio broadcast & several highlight films. Until recently the only copy of the1977 “ Ghost To The Post” game was soft & blurry. There is no complete broadcast of Super Bowl V. We learn to live with the best we can get, but that doesn’t mean we stop trying for improve.

This is why you should subscribe to Holy Toledo!. It’s Free! You will get the latest news, updated information, and for better or worse, the rambling contents of my head.

*I also collect vintage baseball games & other sports, but that’s on a different list.

Please email me if you have any trade requests, questions, or would like a copy of my game list on an Excel document.

Holy Toledo!


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